Soap And Glory's new sugar crush body lotion
NEW PRODUCT ALERT! If you’re a fan of Soap&Glory’s Sugar Crush products, you’ll be happy to know that there are some new goodies added to the line! If you’re not familiar with Sugar Crush, it has been described as a lemonade or the lime Starburst sweets. It’s a really fresh, zingy and sparkling lime fragrance with a bit of sweetness coming from smashed brown sugar and vanilla. It’s quite an addictive scent!

Soap And Glory launches new sugar crush body spray

Sugar Crush Body Lotion


Soap&Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Lotion* comes in a huge bottle with a pump dispenser. These types of Soap&Glory body lotions usually lasts me a very long time, it takes AGES to go through a whole bottle even when you’re using it once or twice a day, so you definitely get your money’s worth with it! It retails for £10.00 for 500ml, it will last you about 9-10 months and has a shelf life of 2 years after opening – really great value for money! 
The formula is similar to all of the other S&G body lotions I’ve tried, it doesn’t vary that much apart from the fragrance. The lotion isn’t as rich as a body butter, but I don’t really need anything as thick in texture during the Summer months so I’ll switch to a light body lotion, and just apply body butter to elbows, feet and knees! 
It says on the packaging that Sugar Crush Body Lotion is a 3-in-1 formula that hydrates, conditions and smoothes… (but doesn’t that applies to all body lotions?)… and it does keep your skin feeling soft and silky throughout the day without irritating skin. It sinks in and absorbs really quickly, so it’s a good lotion to use after the morning showers. Start the day smelling like lemonade!
Soap&Glory now have 5 body sprays available and one of them is in the Sugar Crush fragrance! (Exciting!) I think most Soap&Glory fans have been waiting patiently for this one, the Sugar Crush Body Spray*! It’s really refreshing and gives a nice fragrance boost after applying the body lotion. The scent of the body spray doesn’t last very long on skin but for £4.00 per bottle, you can afford to spritz it multiple times throughout the day! 
The Sugar Crush Body Spray is made from essential lemon oil, Elemi oil, vanilla musk, sweet lime, ginger and smashed brown sugar. Yum! An absolute must-have for all Sugar Crush fans!
The other body sprays are: Original Pink, Fruitigo, Mist You Madly and Orangeasm.
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Are you a fan of Sugar Crush? 
Keep your eyes peeled for more NEW S&G products launching in the next few weeks!
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23 thoughts on “NEW Sugar Crush Products From Soap&Glory

  1. I'm personally not a huge fan of the Sugar Crush fragrance but I love that S&G are releasing new products! xx

  2. Ooh how exciting! I'm just waiting for an Orangeasm body scrub now – how amazing would that me! Like with a similar texture to Pulp Friction but with the orange scent *drools.* Can't wait to add this body lotion to my stash will be perfect for the warmer months xx

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