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My Current Favourites: Soap & Glory Make-Up

With such an amazing range of bath products and body care, the Soap & amp;Glory make-up range can be overlooked. But one sure way of getting some attention is through social media and I don’t know about you but I’ve recently noticed a lot of buzz on social media lately surrounding Soap&Glory’s make-up. More than usual, and for all the right reasons too!
I’ve slowly but surely added bits from the Soap&Glory make-up range into my own collection and have discovered some really awesome cosmetic products that will no doubt remain a permanent favourite. These already include the Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss Crayons and the Sexy Mother Blusher.
This blogpost will focus on items of make-up that will be particularly suitable to wear for the warmer weather, to help give you the healthy, radiant, fabulous glow!
soap and glory peach party
soap and glory peach party
Peach Party is a multi-tonal blusher in a soft peachy colour. It has triangular, pizza-slice-shaped shades of peach, copper and gold pearlised shimmer which can also be used individually if you grab yourself an eyeshadow brush! I’ve been using the lightest shade as a highlighter under my brow bone, and the pink shade as an eyeshadow. 
Alternatively, you can swipe the three lighter shades with your fingertips and use as a highlighter. But of course, this is first and foremost, a blush (a great one, at that!) with a shimmery and illuminating finish that makes you look super radiant!
This blusher will be a nice one to throw in to the suitcase (well, maybe not literally throw, lets not get rough now) for your beach holidays because the blush is going to look GREAT when you’ve got a tan from. Peach Party gives such a beautiful warm glow, it will really emphasise and bring out the tan.
hocus focus soap and glory
I do use an illuminateur as part of my regular make-up routine so I’m pleased to see that Soap&Glory have bought out their own version. I tend to apply these types of products to highlight the apples of my cheeks as opposed to all over my face. Hocus Focus (what a FANTASTIC name!!) makes a very nice alternative to Benefit’s High Beam, it’s slightly cheaper and has a more subtle finish. 
Hocus Focus can be used on it’s own for an instant boost to dull-looking skin, or it can be mixed with your favourite foundation to add a bit of a radiant, dewy glow. 
pillow plump xxl lip gloss
Thanks to Kylie Jenner, bigger and plumper lips is the look that a lot of girls are going for these days. I’m not so fussed about big lips, but I do love hearing what the launch of Soap&Glory’s new lip products  because the very first lip product I bought from Soap&Glory was the Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss. I used it on nights out and I thought I was so cool because I was using a make-up product that was named Sexy Mother Pucker! Haha!
Pillow Plump is available in 5 shade options, and it is a really shiny lustre lip gloss that contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to naturally “plump” up your lips without surgery! It is a thick gloss that gives off a tingly sensation which is the normal effect, it just means all the ingredients are working together to plump up your lip. Generally, I am not all that keen on the tingly but it isn’t too bad with Soap&Glory lip glosses and this feeling should subside after a short while!
soap&glory archery brow pencils
Archery is an easy-to-use brow product. I comes with a brow tint pen on one end, and a brow pencil on the other. The first step is filling in your brows with the pen, which isn’t as scary as it looks or sounds. When I first looked at it, I thought it was going to have an intense and heavy colour but it’s a bit like watercolours, it’s faint and light. 
It’s the brow pencil that I struggled with, I always find it difficult to get used to pencils. Once I got the hang of it, I was able to give my brows a bit of shape by using the pencil end. I got it in the shade ‘Brownie Points’ which is a dark brown, it is fine colour option for those with black hair, it suited my skintone and my brows looked natural.
The best thing about Archery is that it doesn’t budge, making it the perfect brow product for the warm, sweaty weather!
soap&glory kick ass concealer
If there’s one beauty brand who can get away with using the word ‘ASS’ on their product, it’s Soap & Glory! Kick Ass is a creamy concealer crayon that glides on smoothly, it’s almost addictive! When I’m applying this on to my skin, I just roll it over the same part over again because the texture is so smooth and velvety!

I have never used a concealer like this before that comes in a stick but it doesn’t feel any different to a liquid one. It blends in to skin and brightens dark circles and covers blemishes. At £6.00, it’s such an affordable price for a make-up product that will last several months!

Have you tried any make up from Soap&Glory before? What’s your favourite?

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10 thoughts on “My Current Favourites: Soap & Glory Make-Up

  1. Thanks for this post – I've been eyeing up S&G products a lot lately, especially the brow products, but haven't actually taken the plunge into buying them yet (not sure why!). I will go and take another look! Peach Party looks gorgeous

  2. Great products. They look lovely. I would definitely want to try some of these. Beautiful pictures and blog.

  3. Oooh I'm glad you've got a review up of these because I was on the fence about buying them! I've heard so many good things about their eyeliners. May need to pop down to Boots and grab one methinks. Great post!

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