Models Own Colour Chrome Gold, models own colour chrome, gold nail polish

Models Own Colour Chrome | Gold Nail Polish

When I first saw photos of Model’s Own Colour Chrome Collection on Twitter, I was like OOOOOOH  SO SHINY! I think the question on everyones lips is… Is the nail polish just as shiny in real life?
I had wondered if the polish itself would match the chromey-ness of the bottle design but it’s more of a metallic (or a ‘liquid metal’ effect as Models Own describes it) than it is chrome. Although it might look quite nice with a glossy top coat over it for a shiny foil effect!

Models Own Colour Chrome Gold, models own colour chrome, gold nail polish
This gold nail polish isn’t anything I haven’t seen before, I’ve got a similar gold nail polish from Ciate, but Models Own Colour Chrome Collection does look really nice all the same!
My first ever nail polish when I was younger was a metallic purple so I have always been a sucker for this type of thing! Any shade from Colour Chrome Collection would look great for a night out!
Models Own Colour Chrome Gold, models own colour chrome, gold nail polish
The formula of this dries quick so you can’t brush over your nail with the polish more than once otherwise it rubs off and becomes streaky. 
The best thing to do is get a good amount on the brush and cover your nails in single strokes. Leave the first layer to dry completely before you apply a second coat. 
I only needed two coats, and I decided not to go for a glossy top coat as I quite liked the semi-matte finish. It didn’t chip all that much but the surface of the polish did start to fade after the 5th day – which is pretty good going since I didn’t use a top coat.
Models Own Colour Chrome retails for £4.99 per bottle and it comes in 10 beautiful shades including purple, blue, silver, rose gold and olive. It is available from their website, or Superdrug nationwide.
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16 thoughts on “Models Own Colour Chrome | Gold Nail Polish

  1. I love metallic polishes! I think my favorite one has got to be the reflective silver one I always see on Tumblr 😛 I'm not even sure it's polish actually. Maybe they're glued on. Who knows? They're really cool though! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

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