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You know me, guys! I’m all about taking good care of your skin, and as I have now entered in to my 30’s, I am more interested in skincare than ever!
Ever eager to try new skincare brands, Adam And Eve asked if I would like to try something from their range. As I had only picked a cleanser, I didn’t expect the parcel to have three extra products for me to try, so opening this package was rather exciting!
I’ve never heard of the brand until they emailed me to introduce it, and I thought the packaging design looks really beautiful and elegant, I was keen to find out more. Adam And Eve’s skincare are formulated for young adults who suffer from skin problems such as acne, although due to it’s gentle formulas, it is suitable for anyone with skin concerns or flare-ups. Adam And Eve uses ingredients that are gentle, calming and effective. They believe in a 3-step process to help balance your skin; Cleanse, calm and condition. 
Sound good to you? Let’s take a closer look at some of the products which I have been using for the past 6 weeks.

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Gentle, Purifying Cleansers

There are two available in the Eve range which is for the ladies (and Adam is their men’s range). On the left, the one with the green label is the Purifying Facial Wash and on the right, that is the Gentle Cleansing Lotion. Both are used in the exact same way, you massage on to skin and wipe away with a cloth.
The Gentle Cleansing Lotion* (£14.75) is not too dissimilar to what I was using before, I am a HUGE fan of cream cleansers so I popped this open straight away! It’s a cream cleanser containing jojoba, rice brand and castor oils to regulate sebum production. It has neroli essential oils to detoxify and treat scarring from acne. And bergamot essential oils for it’s antiseptic properties. I find this cleansing lotion very calming and with it having two types of essential oils, it makes my skin feel soft and smooth after using it.
The Purifying Facial Wash* (£12.75) is a gel cleanser and it has a more refreshing, wake-me-up sensation. Formulated with cucumber, meadowsweet, soothing chamomile, eucalyptus and bergamot for a fresh and energetic feeling. I would recommend the Purifying Facial Wash to those who are prone to oils as it does purify and leaves your skin feeling awake. This one is an oil free cleanser and I felt a huge difference after using this as my skin felt slightly tight. It didn’t cause any problems but my skin prefers the Gentle Cleansing Lotion.

non comedogenic moisturiser, beauty blog ukLight And Luxurious Moisturiser

This is a lovely Essential Moisturiser that’s light and hydrating. It’s probably too light for me to use at night but it makes a gorgeous moisturiser for the day time. One the back of the bottle, it specifies that you’ll only need to use a peppercorn-sized quantity. I thought… a peppercorn is tiny, though. But when I say that a little goes a long way, I absolutely mean it. Impressively, you don’t need to use more than the size of a peppercorn, it’s true! 
The Adam And Eve Essential Moisturiser* (£18.75) is non-comedogenic which means it will not clog your pores. The key ingredients includes sandalwood essential oils, bergamot essential oils, celenduala, chamomile, aloe vera, mango butter, sunflower oil, papaya, Vitamin B,C and E.

supplements for clear skin, Nutritional Supplements For Healthier Skin

I’m going to start off by saying that I am REALLY bad at taking vitamins, supplements and any kind of pills. I’m someone who takes painkillers only when I absolutely need to, and even then, I cut them up on to tiny little pieces. I don’t mind when they are really tiny or if they’re chewable, but I tend to “forget accidentally on purpose” to take supplements if they anything I have to swallow whole. I mean, these Clear Complexion capsules aren’t even that big, they’re the standard pill size but I still find it a chore.
BUT… I am showing them to you because it’s not all about me! I know that there are some people who will benefit from this in their quest to get clearer skin. These capsules are formulated to be used used alongside the skincare, and they are to be taken twice daily, one at breakfast and another with your evening meal. Once your skin is looking better, you can cut this down to one capsule a day. These Clear Complexion capsules will help you gain just that… a clear complexion. It contains zinc, copper, aloe vera, antioxidants and several vitamin types to combat skin problems and help your skin to look healthier. It costs £9.50 for 60 capsules.
Where To Buy
Adam And Eve skincare are available to buy on their website. They don’t use harsh chemicals in their products, it is free from SLS and parabens. Their products are also cruelty-free and do not test on animals.
Have you heard of Adam And Eve Skincare before? What are your initial thoughts on the brand?
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  1. I am trying to get more into skincare too, I'm just a bit too lazy when it comes to skincare! These sound lovely and I love the packaging 🙂 xx

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