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Where To Stay In London’s West End: every hotels Piccadilly

every hotels Piccadilly, Coventry Street
(nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus)
Originally, I had planned to stay with my cousin who lives near Canary Wharf but as I needed to be in Victoria the next day for a job interview, I jumped at the chance when I was invited to stay the night at every hotels Piccadilly – only 10 minutes tube journey from where I needed to be. I needed a convenient, stress-free evening and be as close to Victoria tube stop as possible, and every hotels ticked the right boxes! 


The hotel is in the heart of the West End, right in the middle of Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, it’s so easy to get to! On every hotels’ website, the map shows that Piccadilly as the closest stop, but it’s a bit further down the road than that. 
It’s an equal walking distancing between both tube stops, less than five minutes walk if you’re coming from either direction but if you’re coming out of the Piccadilly Circus tube station like I did, take exit 4. The entrance of the hotel is on the corner of Whitcomb Street so you do need to keep your eyes peeled for it but it’s easy to spot! If you’ve gone past M&M World, you’ve gone too far. 
The hotel is close to Shaftesbury Avenue for all the theatres, and it’s a short walk to Regent Street and Oxford Street for all the best shops. Leicester Square is just around the corner, and Covent Garden is less than 10 minutes walk too. every hotels Piccadilly is located in a incredibly exciting area! 

every hotel piccadilly, london hotel, central london hotel, west end london hotel

The Hotel Room

I was booked into the standard room, but there’s also a choice between deluxe and junior suite too. For a central London hotel, my room was very spacious, the standard room is more than enough for a short stay. 
As you can tell from the first image at the top, the bed is huge, it was actually two singles pushed together, and I had it all to myself! There was six pillows in total and 3 cushion for making it look all fancy and stuff!
There was a stylish chair in the corner and lots of lights dotted about in the room. There wasn’t a lot of natural daylight beaming in, not as much as it’s showing on the website, but of course, it’s not dingy either. It’s had a nice, relaxing ambience which was exactly what I needed for the night before a big interview/assessment day (that lasted 9am-5pm. Intense).
There wasn’t anything that stood out in the interior design of the room. It’s still really nice and super clean but it didn’t have any quirks like the similarly priced The Boundary Hotel, for example (but as The Boundary is located in Shoreditch, I expect nothing less!) 
The cheapest rate I’ve found for every hotels Piccadilly is £153 per night which is a good price for a comfortable, spacious and clean hotel in London’s West End, but the rates of course depends on which season you’re booking in. 
The room has an ironing board, iron, and a good quality hair-dryer. See below to see what other additions the hotel provides (and they’re really good ones!!)
free mini bar, open mini bar, london hotel, hotel in piccadilly

Open Soft-Drinks Mini-Bar

Everything is free in the soft-drinks mini bar (AMAZING), you can take what you want and you won’t be charged for any of it. Who doesn’t love an open mini bar! There are four cans of pop, two bottles of water and an Oasis fruit drink. 
nespresso coffee machine, nespresso, hotel in piccadilly

Nespresso Coffee Machine

I got one of these for Christmas so I was excited to see that there was a proper coffee machine in the room. I didn’t actually make a coffee though, because I didn’t want to get the shakes from the caffeine. I was already pretty nervous about being on my own in London and about my interview. I stuck to a caffeine free tea as soon as I discovered the kettle and tea bags in one of the drawers.
smart tv, samsung smart tv

Smart TV

You’ll probably want to go out and explore London, it’s such an exciting area to be in. However, if you want to relax at the hotel for a bit, you might be interested to know that there is a Smart TV in the room. You can plug your laptop or tablet device in, or browse through the available widgets such as Twitter, Facebook, BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport and my favourite, YouTube! Before I went to sleep, I caught up on a couple of YouTube videos!
view from london hotel room, m&m world

The View

You’ll have to excuse the dull, grey weather here. That is nobody’s fault, of course! The British weather is just a lost cause! 
This photo above shows the view from my room, it’s on Whitcomb Street facing M&M world. Leicester Square is just round the corner, down that pedestrianised street. There was always a lot of people walking around that area but the noise wasn’t bad at all – I didn’t even notice it!

The Bathroom

I looked at the website beforehand and saw that the standard room had a bath tub but the room I stayed in only had a shower. I prefer rooms to have a bath but it’s totally not a big deal, the walk-in shower was really nice, as you can see.
The toiletries were a bit hit and miss, as it’s non-branded, but as I didn’t take any shower gel, I was happy to see that they were provided. I took my own shampoo because I’ve got loads of travel-sized ones given to me in Birchbox. Complimentary toiletries includes a bar of soap and a shower cap. I forgot my toothpaste so I popped down to reception and they kindly gave me a toothbrush set that came with the cutest miniature tube of Colgate toothpaste! 


After I checked-in and got myself sorted, I popped out to get some food. Pret and Costa are next door to the hotel so I just grabbed a salad, soup and a juice. When I came back to the room, there was a gift box on the table with my name on it. 
It was a really nice touch! I don’t know if this is a press/blogger related gift, or if all guests gets one but the items inside the box included more toiletries, earphones, a hand-warming pack, bottle opener, a pen, a map of London, plasters, a notebook and a flask. The plasters came in handy when I had a blister on my heel from walking in my smart but painful shoes!!
Many thanks to Joe Blogs Bloggers Network for organising this and thank you to every hotels Piccadilly for letting me stay! For more information about the every hotels Piccadilly and booking a room, check out their website.
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8 thoughts on “Where To Stay In London’s West End: every hotels Piccadilly

  1. An open mini bar! All the hotels I've been staying at need to step up their game cause I don't think anybody is going to pay a ridiculous $6 for a bottle of water. I love the setup of the hotel, looks so cozy!

    becky ♡ star violet

  2. I always struggle knowing where to stay in London so you've just pointed me in the right direction, I've never heard of every hotel but after looking at your gorgeous pics and finding out that there's a free soft drink mini bar, i'm right there! haha

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

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