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February was a really funny one for me. It didn’t really go very well but I’ve plodded on the best that I can! The highlights included meeting up with a uni friend and we went back to Newcastle for the day where we both spent four years as students. For my birthday, we went to see Dirty Dancing at the theatre for my birthday (it was amazing!!) but in general, it was a slow month that seemed to drag on! I sure am glad it’s March now!
February was a bit of a struggle! The short version is that February is my birthday month and I had been stressing out about turning 30 for ages. I have found it quite difficult. You know, that dreaded feeling of it creeping up, and it makes you reflect on how quickly life has gone so far, and suddenly feel that time was ticking and it will soon run out.

In the lead up of my birthday, the anxiety got the best of me! I wondered why I wasn’t at the same stage as all of my friends are at (getting married, having children, buying a house – the usual expectation from “society”) and I felt like a big fat failure for not having those boxes ticked by now. It’s not like I even want those things right now, why was it even bothering me?!

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In my head, turning 30 is a big frickin’ deal, especially when you don’t feel like you’ve got things figured out yet and you feel a real sense of pressure. And I’ve come to realise that that’s totally normal. It’s ok – take a deep breath. There’s nothing wrong with you. 

I suddenly began to notice all the articles about turning 30 crop up on my blogger dashboard, Twitter and Facebook. After having a think, I have realised that there’s more to life than ticking boxes. We can break the rules and colour outside the lines. Those are the people I am most inspired by and I need to hold on to that.

Anyway – my panicking lead to some “long chats” about where life was going and what our end goal was. I didn’t get the “everything is going to be ok” response I was expecting, but that’s totally fine! If you want something to happen, you’ve got to do it yourself. I’m not going to lie, I did panic a little more but I quickly picked myself back up again. I’m not getting any younger, the stress is only cause my face to shrivel up and my hair to go grey!!

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For the past two weeks, I’ve been applying for jobs and I’m planning to move 270 odd miles away to London as soon as I know what I’m doing. I can’t tell how scared I am, I’m absolutely petrified. Everything I’ve known for the past ten years is going to change soon. But things have happened very quickly as a few exciting things have cropped up and I’ve not had time to think. I can always go back “home” if I don’t like it but I’m going to give this a try, at least (and it’s only 2 or 3 and half hours on the train so I can come back up to see my lovely Bonnie and Oscar once a month!) It’s stressful because there’s so much to do and I don’t feel ready to move, but to be honest, I’m never going to feel ready. I’m making a snap decision but a life-changing one, and I’ve just got to do it. There’s no time like the present. Life is too short and I need to get shit done!!

Oh, and you know what…

Everything IS going to be ok. ❤️

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32 thoughts on “The Fear Of Turning 30…

  1. OMG how exciting! I had a bit of a "what am I doing" crisis at 27 so moved to London and I had the best 5 years of my life. You'll love it! Best thing about living in London is that everyone is eternally young, so many singletons in their 30s having fun 🙂

    I had similar stresses when I turned 30 and at 34 I still don't have most the boxes ticked but I'm happy 🙂 It's true what they say, your 30s are the best years!

    Welcome to the club!

    Chloe x

  2. Firstly – happy birthday! Secondly – you look AMAZING, regardless of age or stage in life. Finally – who cares what everyone else is doing? As you rightly said, life is for rule breaking, and you might find that you'll be a better person for waiting things out rather than doing what everyone else is doing. Plus – if we all did the same, we'd all be very boring. Simple.
    Daniela xo | danielascribbles ♥

  3. I wouldn't worry about turning 30, my thirties have been my best years yet. I may be turning 36 next month and I'm still single whilst friends are marrying and churning out kids but I'm quite happy following my own path.

    Good luck with the move to London, you'll have to let me know when you're in the area and we can meet up to discuss our thirties!

    Victoria x

  4. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, just listen to the song "Everything Is Alright" by Motion City Soundtrack; it always cheers me up!

    I just turned 26 in January and it was a bit of an adjustment for me too. On the one hand, I was a little bother that I wasn't doing all the great and wonderful things that many of my peers were doing, but on the other hand, I still don't really feel adult enough to be getting close to 30 myself!

  5. Happy Birthday to you!
    If you're moving to London, as scary as it is (I did it recently!) you'll never find an excuse not to be busy. There's so much going on all the time that I'm sure life will start accelerating ten fold for you!

  6. I can't believe you're 30, you really don't look it. I understand the 'pressure' and stressed that come with getting older and it's so refreshing to see/read people saying that there's nothing to worry about!

  7. I had my panic at 28, the same worries that I wasn't married etc. 30 I was fine as I'd met Ben & we were living together so I was more relaxed. But now I'm turning 34 on Thursday and I'm feeling a bit like you were, down and a bit worried that there's this big clock above my head ticking away and I'm getting older and the whole kids issue is weighing heavy. So I've decided to embrace my age be happy its my birthday and treat myself to a big shopping spree!! ha ha I think its great that your making a big change. Very brave and very exciting. Lots of love and luck and hope to meet finally when your down in London xxxxx

  8. As someone who will be 30 next year, I completely get you. I've also ticked none of those boxes! I have no idea what I want to do with my life either but I have some amazing friends and an even more amazing family. 30 is a scary number, I've already started panicking about my biological clock and the thought that I may never be able to afford my own house depresses me. That being said, I spent my house deposit on a round the world trip and it was completely the right decision for me and I don't regret it. There is more to life than a house, cash or fancy things. It's all about living and being happy! After all, who knows what tomorrow may bring. Things will be okay. ♥

    Tara x

  9. You seem such a level headed and positive person.

    I can only imagine how anxious you must have felt. Nowadays, it seems people are settling down, buying houses, and having kids from around 24, and it's terrifying when that sort of pressure if put on others around them, even if ages vary. I completely think you're right about colouring outside of the lines.

    We're all such different people, with different needs, likes, and opportunities, and there really isn't anything wrong with what anyone chooses.

    I hope all goes well with your move! That must be so exciting too. London is great. I'm glad you had a good birthday!


  10. That's a great post! I am turning 30 in a couple of months and on the one hand I am dreading the day, but on the other hand, turning 30 doesn't really mean You are no longer You. There are still things to do, places to visit, people to meet… it all doesn't disappear only because we turn 30 🙂

  11. Yes, everything will be ok 🙂 and I'm only a year off 30 and I've ticked precisely zero of those boxes too – and I do actually want to start ticking them! It feels incredibly frustrating but if you worry about stuff like this all the time you're right that you'll only age faster!! Fingers crossed you get to move to London as you want 🙂 xx

  12. I am not turning 30 this year (27 instead) but I am having some of the same anxieties. It seems like every 6 months somebody is announcing a pregnancy or a wedding or buying a house and I don't have any of that planned for the next few years. I don't even know will I get a new contract in my job in a few months time so I am not sure how I will ever manage any of those things. I honestly and truly do not know what to do with my life and it is scary feeling like a failure. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that you have the right attitude and I wish you the best of luck with your move and everything else. Those feelings we described are hard to combat and I admire you. Don't forget to give us an update with how you are getting on.


  13. As I get older (over 30 now!) I really want to live the life that I want, not what society or my family says! Time passes by so quickly and I want to make the most of my life before I really settle down with children. I know life can feel daunting sometimes but I feel like you have to take a leap of faith sometimes! That's so exciting you're moving to London Sarah, best of luck to you I know you will be amazing wherever you are 🙂

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  14. Happy belated birthday! And good luck with the job hunt and London move, so exciting 😮 I totally get what you mean about feeling bad about not having achieved things you don't even want.

  15. oh my goodness, Sarah – I did a little backtrack on myself in shock scrolling through my bloglovin feed and seeing this, you look fabulous for 30, I genuinely would have never guessed it! I'm starting to feel the same getting further into my 20's but as long as you're enjoying the journey I genuinely wouldn't worry yourself about how things 'should be' they should only be what you want them to be! wishing you a wonderful birthday 🙂

    Louise x

  16. First of all, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH!
    I wish you nothing but the best for your life ^.^
    Your text truly speaks to me, I still have a few years before turning 30 but I am terrified by that thought alone already T_T It's as you said, too many things which I should have by now (according to society) and I am nowhere near that (nor do I want all of it yet) so it makes me feel miserable and scared… It's good to know that I am not alone with those thoughts though :3

  17. This resonates so much with me… where have the years gone!! I turn 30 next year, I have one box ticked… I got married last year and we're currently saving for a deposit for a house (but that could take years right?). The whole kids thing is what I think about the most. I always wanted them before I was thirty but that looks pretty unlikely… I'm constantly thinking 'arghhhhh the clocks ticking' . . . Good luck with your plans I look forward to hearing and seeing all about it on your lovely blog!

  18. Happy Birthday 🙂
    And yes I know what you are talking about! I am turning 30 this year (in november) and you I feel the pressure from everyone, my family and society on what I should be doing right now. My concern is more on the professional level, since I am considering starting over in a new field (going from finance then recruitment to webmarketing) which means becoming an intern again! At 30! Yayyy I am not buying a house anytime soon. But I don't care. i think we should what we feel is right for us instead of focusing on what people are expecting from us! Great post!
    Rhizlaine from Paris

  19. I actually can't believe you're 30 years old I had to do a double take when I saw this post. I thought you were about 22! Happy birthday nonetheless I hope you had a lovely time!

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

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