microcell nail polish, nail repair
I’ve never used false nails, gels or acrylics before but I have been wearing nail polish almost every day for over a decade, which I’m embarrassed to admit! I mean, there’s the odd week here and there when I’m too lazy to paint them but I’d say that, overall, you’d rarely see me without nail polish on!
My nails should be in a worse condition than they actually are, I’m lucky that there’s not that much damage or discolouration but they’re obviously not as healthy as I’d like them to be so I have started to care of them a lot more. I’ve been using nail repair treatments such as  cuticle creams, balms and oils as well as trying to wear less nail polish, just to try and get them to be healthier and stronger. 
microcell nail polish, nail repair

Micro-Cell is a nail brand that’s huge in Germany known to be nail care specialist and they’re are emerging in to the UK market. Micro-Cell have developed formulas that aims to repair your nails within 2-3 weeks and claim that the treatment products will regenerate weak cells and restore immune system so your nails will be whiter, brighter, stronger and more resilient. It is a nice option for those who have have damaged, thin, sensitive or brittle nails that break all the time.
I was sent a Micro-Cell Nail Repair* (white) and Colour Repair* in bright pink. The Nail Repair coats your nails in a sheer glossy white polish which subtly brightens. It doubles up as a base coat but I’ve been wearing it on it’s own. My nails didn’t appear as yellow and they did look healthy so it’s definitely something I will continue to use.
I received a Colour Repair in shade Candy Glam which is a lovely hot pink. It’s super glossy, opaque and only requires one coat. It still has a repairing formula that strengthens, protects and accelerates growth. 
They are on the pricy side but the quality reflects this and when the quality of a product is good, it’s worth every penny. The packaging design is pretty standard, as you can tell, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a treatment line. The Nail Repair is £18.50 and the Colour Repairs are £14.95 each, both are available from Micro-Cell website.
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10 thoughts on “Taking Care Of Your Nails With Micro-Cell

  1. I have never heard about them. I'm so happy to find some new good products! Thank you for sharing!


  2. I have very soft, weak nails so I have been using Sally Hansen strengthening products for the past few years. These have really helped my nails get stronger, but it only works when I'm using the products. My nails get weak again after a few days of removing the strengthening polish. Do you know if it's the same with Micro-Cell?

  3. I love the look of the colour repair, the concept seems really great. I have quite good nails so I don't really spend money on repair products, but if my nails were damaged I'd consider Micro-Cell.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  4. I currently live half between my house and my boyfriends house. Luckily when I'm at my boyfriends I rarely paint my nails (because all my stuff is at home) otherwise my nails would be painted constantly. When I do live with him permanently I'll really have to start taking care of them so I'll try and remember these x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

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