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I am enjoying blogging about home-y stuff lately so here’s another mini home ware haul for you! I’ve spent the weekend clearing things out and it has been slow progress but I’m getting there! It’s because I still have a lot of festive bits from the back end of last year such as mulled wine scented reed diffusers that is still half full, and cinnamon spice candles that needs to be stored away until next Winter. I don’t want to be reminded me of the cosy Winter (ugh!), I want to make the most of a chirpy Spring, so I’m transforming the home to feel a bit more sunny and cheerful.

BHS was where I used to buy a lot of home ware. Back in the day when I first moved away from home to live in Newcastle for University, I didn’t know where else I could buy else I could go for duvet sets, pillows, bath towels and things like that. I don’t remember Primark selling homeware at the time, so BHS was my go-to. I’ve got to be admit, I do pop in to BHS from time to time but I don’t buy as much as I used to because the stock in my local one isn’t all that great but when I was offered to pick a few things from the BHS site, I decided to see what was currently available!
Here are my top picks from BHS at the moment:
floral reed diffuser
Reed Diffusers
No home ware haul of mine is going to be complete without home fragrance! There is a wide range of reed diffusers at BHS and you can buy a large single bottle or as a set of two miniature ones – both retailing at £8. I thought that it was a better value to go for the set of two and then you can put them both in different rooms and the scent is stronger throughout your home. 
mango candle
Scented Candle
I thought about getting a Sweet Pea candle to match the scent of the reed diffuser but I couldn’t resist a fruity one that reminds me of being on a sunny holiday! I also loved the pop of colour from the bright orangey/yellow tumbler. The candle cost £5, and is made of petroleum wax. It does smell really nice but not that strong in scent pay off, but it is good value for money and looks a lot more expensive than £5.
floral tea cup
Columbia Road Cup and Saucer
“Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking…” but florals works so well in Spring! The next few items are from BHS Columbia Road collection and I think it’s pretty perfect for this time of year. This tea cup is the cutest, and when my sister came to visit, she wanted to drink tea from the “fancy cup” (she was referring to this one) This is currently on sale for £6.40
floral plates
Columbia Road Cake Plates
Aren’t these pretty? They will look even better when there’s a delicious slice of cake sitting on the top of it! For £15 (now £12 in the mid season sale), you get all four. If you like mis-matching things, this might be right up your street! 
bhs homeware
Illustrated Cushion
Before I realised that Primark sold cute cushions, I used to buy them from BHS. You get a nice range from BHS from basic ones that cost £6.99 to nice ones that retail at £35+. I already have a couple that looks similar to this teacup illustration cushion so it fits quite well in my living room and bedroom.
peonies, pink peonies
Peonies In A Glass Jar
I can’t afford to keep buying fresh flowers so I’m hoping these don’t look too artificial. I think they look quite pretty, and when I use my Sweet Pea reed diffusers, it will smell like I’ve got fresh flowers in the room!
I often look for nice looking fake flowers to use as a backdrop or a prop for my blog photos, so expect to see a lot more of these pink peonies! They arrived in the parcel box safe and sound because they were wrapped so well with A LOT of bubble wrap. However, this also means that they have been squashed whilst in transit and some of the faux petals have drooped but I’m going to think of a way to fix this! 

Have you found anything you like in BHS lately?

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17 thoughts on “Spring Home Ware Haul

  1. I haven't brought anything for my home from BHS before but I find they're great for presents around Christmas time.. I got a lovely letter and key storage box for a family member. I'll have to check out their home stuff, those plates are lovely xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  2. I love reading about peoples homes so this post is right up my street! Absolutely love the cake plates too!

  3. I'm obsessed with peonies. I have so many of those fake ones scattered all around my apartment. They just add the perfect girly touch to any space!

    Emily | EMBUR.

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