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One of my favourite beauty products of last year was Soap&Glory’s Super Tonic Orangeasm Fragrance, so on a recent trip to Boots, I was pretty pleased to spot a couple of new fragrance mists added to their range. Initially, I was drawn to them because of Soap&Glory signature pink packaging, the design is simplistic but really pretty, it’s totally perfect for the brand and all of their loyal fans (which I am one of!). So thumbs up for the packaging but how does the fragrance match up?
Unlike the Orangeasm which has a citrus note of green mandarin and cool mint with a slightly herbal kick to it, I would describe both Mist You Madly and Fruitigo as a scent that you’d typically associate with Soap&Glory. Neither of the scents are new to Soap&Glory though, die hard fans will already be familiar with it as some products are scented with Mist You Madly or Fruitigo.

Soap and glory mist you madly, soap and glory fragrance mist
Soap&Glory Mist You Madly™ Fragrance Mist*
Mist You Madly is a beautiful blend of freesia, cassis and sweet vanilla with a bit of fresh mandarin, bergamot oils, sandalwood, and spicy cardamom thrown in for good measure. I love anything with cassis in it so having that in is a winner for me! I can’t detect the cardamom in it but I suspect that that’s what gives this fragrance a bit of warmth to it. 
There are a few layers to Mist You Madly, it starts off with an instant hit of floral, with a dry down of powdery vanilla. If I could describe the colour pink as a scent, it would be very close to Mist You Madly. 
soap and glory fruitigo, soap and glory fragrance mist
Soap&Glory Fruitigo™ Fragrance Mist*

As the name suggests, Fruitigo is mouthwateringly fruity! Because of the colour of the bottle, I expected it to smell like berries at first but the yuzu fruit and the pomelo essence gives Fruitigo it’s tartness,while the wild fig off-sets the zing with it’s sweetness.

I would describe Fruitigo as fresh, juicy and sparkling whereas Mist You Madly is soft, floral and girly. I think my favourite out of the two is Fruitigo – I can’t stop smelling it! It’s such a nice fragrance for Spring!

The fragrance mists lasts about 2-3 hours and they’re not overpowering so you spritz it whenever you feel like it. You can use it over a Soap&Glory body butter to boost the smell, or on it’s own over your clothes, it makes a nice alternative to a body spray or eau de toilette. They retail at £10 and are available from Boots nationwide. It’s a pretty big bottle (100ml) and has a shelf life of 24 months. They do tend do lasts for months even when you use it on a daily basis.

Here’s an exclusive snippet of beauty news for you… There is another Soap&Glory fragrance launching next month which I am SO EXCITED to tell you about because I know you’re all going to LOVE it! But that’s all I can reveal at this point, I can’t tell you anymore right now (even though I’m itching to!)… You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for it on my blog!

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  1. These look so gorgeous! I love the packaging! I didn't realise Soap & Glory were doing fragrance mists and they're one of my favourite brands! xx

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