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My Beauty Collection: Benefit Brow Products

If there is ever a brand that can prise me away from my beloved HD Brow Palette, it’s Benefit! When this beautiful box of brow products* arrived from Benefit Cosmetics, I didn’t know what to try out first. I was well and truly spoiled for choice, and I wanted to rip everything open and apply them all on my eyebrows! But I figured that it would be best to restrain myself, and to find out what each product actually does so that I can learn to use them properly!
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How do you fill in your brows? Do you use a powder and wax, or a pencil? I personally prefer to use a powder and sometimes define the edge with a pencil. I rarely use a pencil on it’s own I find it to be too harsh – maybe it’s because I haven’t got the hang of it, or I’ve never found the right shade! With a powder and an angled brush, I find it easier to achieve a softer, natural look which frames your face perfectly. 
Benefit’s Brow Zings is probably the one product out of this lot that everyone wants to know about. It’s the UK’s best-selling brow kit and I can see why! It’s a compact kit that includes a pigmented wax, a powder, a pair of tweezers, an hard-angled brush and blending brush. It comes in light, medium and darkI was sent a medium but I think the dark palette would suit me more. I wish that there was more shades in the palette like HD Brow but what I really like the pigmented wax in Brow Zings, it tidies and shapes in one easy step.
The Instant Brow Pencil is pretty standard, it’s creamy and it glides on without pulling. It’s not as harsh as some of the other ones I’ve tried, so I think this is (finally) a pencil I can use on it’s own. Again, I would personally go for the darkest shade, and then use the spoolie to blend it over my brows to soften it up.
benefit speed brow, benefit gimme brow
Here are two products that look similar, but they do completely different things. So for those who are a bit confused by them, here’s the difference:
Speed Brow is a neutral gel that tames, shapes and sets your brows within seconds. The gel has a nude colour to it but I find that it dries clear. The unique selling point of Speed Brow is that is quick to set. 
Gimme Me Brow is different in that it’s a pigmented fiber gel that actually adds volume by adhering to skin and hair. Think of it as a mascara but for eyebrows! It is a fast and simple way to get thicker, natural looking brows because this product coats each hair to make them appear fuller and darker. I did a full review of Gimme Brow last year, you can read it here.
benefit high brow, benefit high brow glow
This is my favourite product out of this lot. High Brow is, again, another popular product that sells very well. It’s basically a highlighter in pencil form! As the final part of your brow routine, apply High Brow on the brow bone (just beneath the arch) which lifts and illuminates. It’s such a small step of the make-up routine but one that makes a big difference.
High Brow Glow (my favourite out of the two) is a radiant champagne colour that has a illuminating finish to it, similar to Benefit’s High Beam/Moon Beam. Whereas the original High Brow is brightening, matte and powdery pink that blends in to skin. 
benefit cosmetics brow products, brow products, makeup for brows, benefit brows
One of the best thing about Benefit is there is always an expert BeneBabe at hand to help you figure out what product is best for you. In participating Debenhams stores, you can also get your brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar, which I think is pretty awesome. They provide tints, waxed, tweezed services and I’m sure they’ll be happy to teach you how to maintain your brows, and tell you how to use the Benefit products properly.
Have you ever tried any of these Benefit products before? Let me know what brow products you recommend.
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24 thoughts on “My Beauty Collection: Benefit Brow Products

  1. Love Gimme Brow, although I am being swayed by L'oreal's offering. I found the powders too defining if that makes sense. The medium was much too red on me but I still don't use the dark palette I later bought…

  2. What a collection, I wouldn't know where to start either! I really need to head to the brow bar and get a few lessons, I just don't know where to start with my brows! I'm always too scared I'll over fill them or shape them wrong, you'd think by now I might have figured something out but nope! I pluck them and just hope that's enough to keep them looking a little less unkept!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. I love benefit products and the Brow Zings looks so cute, I love that it also has some mini tweezers in there, I rarely do anything with my eyebrows but I think I prefer pencils in general 🙂

    Hayley \ City&Code

  4. If there's one feature of my face that I'm really self-conscious about, it's my eyebrows. Well, actually I'm ooookay with them. It's just when I'm getting a picture taken of myself; my eyebrows tend to disappear… I'm not even asking for a strong eyebrow game. I just want them visible! I don't know how to use beauty products, but I've subscribed to Ipsy to help get my makeup collection started. So far I haven't gotten anything for eyebrows, so I haven't tried these Benefit products before, but if I don't get some soon, I might have to go out and buy them! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Got to love a bit of Benefit. I was only saying today that they're the brand I have used consistently for the longest time. I am never disappointed by their products & have had the pleasure of having my brows done by them & they looked SO good.
    Gimme Brow is a product I have had recommend to me & keep meaning to buy. Its on my list for sure!

  6. Oh my god I had no idea how many brow products benefit did, I really want to try high brow now! I actually prefer using a standard pencil to anything it just feels easier and natural, I guess it's personal preference and taste xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

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