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Joules Currant Leaf* 
Body Cream, Body Wash and Reed Diffuser
Does anyone know how to slow time down because it is flying by too quickly for my liking! Can you believe it’s March already and that Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday (15th March)!  If you’re still stuck on what to buy (because Mums have everything!) then Joules is probably a good place to go! Joules is a really lovely fashion and lifestyle brand, selling a range of products from clothes, homeware, kitchenware, toiletries, accessories, pet beds and more!

I think most Mums appreciate luxury toiletries, bath and beauty products. I know my Mum certainly does, she enjoys using nice products (only the best for Mum!) and pampers herself when she has spare time. I also know that some ladies like to put out the nice stuff in the bathroom when they have guests visiting and something like this Joules set would be lovely.
Joules currant leaf, beauty blog
All three products featured in this blogpost can be bought separately and there are couple more fragrances to choose from so you don’t necessarily have to go for a matching scent like I’ve done, you can pick and mix! The choices are Blossom, Cottage Herb and Currant Leaf. And you can get it in a body lotion, shower gel, hand wash and a hand lotion. 
Out of the three, the Currant Leaf sounded most appealing to me because it seems like a “safest” one, and it is. It’s very pleasant and lovely! I have never come across currant leaves (I don’t think!?) so I’m unsure what it smells like. I expected this set to be strong in blackcurrant/cassis but it is actually quite hard to detect at first. You have to sniff it quite a few times to catch the blackcurrant notes. With it being a leafy base, it does smell quite green, but it’s nice, uplifting and certainly not a typical currant scent. There is a hint of cedar, vanilla and jasmine too. 
The packaging is similar to Molton Brown and it makes a nice alternative because it’s half the price too! The shower gel, body lotion, hand wash and hand cream costs £9.95 each for a 285ml bottle.
reed diffuser, joules reed diffuser
Candles and reed diffusers are available in the same fragrances, plus an extra one called Rose Tomato which sounds really interesting! I think reed diffusers are my new favourite thing! It’s not that I’m over candles, I do still love them but it’s just that reed diffusers are generally easier (and safer) to use and you get a constant scent perfumed throughout the room. Currant Leaf is a great scent for Spring, it’s fruity, fresh and reminds me of back home in the countryside. You can see more on the Joules Home Fragrance page.
Joules do not test any of their products on animals.
Does anything from Joules tickle your fancy?
What are you buying for your Mum this Mother’s Day?

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8 thoughts on “Gift Ideas from Joules

  1. currant leaf sounds so lovely, and this'd be such a nice wee gift:-) i'm not getting my mum anything though as she gets two mother's days anyway and i'll probably get her something for the later one, haha! sending her a card though, as i'm a good daughter.. 🙂 xx

  2. I love the packaging of these, so simple, but pretty. I've gone all out for my mum and got her a set of le creuset pans (she's having a new kitchen fitted, so it was a double whamming mothers day and happy-new-kitchen present).

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