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5 Beautiful Rose Scented Perfumes

For the longest time ever, I’ve turned my nose up at rose scented perfumes. I don’t even know why, I actually love the scent of roses! 
In fact, when I come to think of it, one of my very first perfumes when I was younger was Versace Baby Rose Jeans. I was absolutely obsessed with it and wore it every day at (Secondary) school! Baby Rose Jeans was the perfect teen girl perfume, it was really sweet and had a kick of bubblegum or candy to it.
Somewhere along the lines, I got it in to my head that anything scented with rose was for too fuddy-duddy for me. It wasn’t until last month when I my dad bought my Roses De Chloe perfume for my birthday that I was reminded how much I actually love it. 
Since then, I’ve been looking for another rose perfume to add to my collection. Some of you kindly left comments on my Roses De Chloe review and I noticed that a couple of you were recommending Paul Smith Rose. I’ve picked four other ones for my first Friday Five which will become a weekly feature where I pick five of my favourite things, five of your recommendations or simply five items on my current wish list.
rose perfumes, best rose perfumes
Are you loving any other rose perfumes in particular? Let me know your favourites in the comments below!
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8 thoughts on “5 Beautiful Rose Scented Perfumes

  1. I'm so happy that rose everything is coming back in fashion! I never thought that I liked rose scents until recently, and I finally hopped on the rosebud salve bandwagon (it really is as amazing as everyone says!). I'm really tempted by the Armani Diamonds Rose.

  2. I think the rose scents have become really popular this last few years. I would love somebody to gift me the chloe one. I have the Armani diamonds Rose which is lovely. It's great for everyday wear as its light and feminine without the rose being overpowering. I would really recommend it for throwing in your handbag. Never liked the original diamonds but this is nothing like it.

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