Not to fall into the ~typical blogger~ trait ‘n’ all, but I do love cats (who doesn’t!) and I thought I’d do a mini cat themed homeware post for all the fellow cat ladies out there! 
I’m still going by the rule of adding personality to your home, especially since I’ve painted all my furniture white, my flat certainly needs some interesting homeware items to jazz things up a bit! 
I don’t have a large, statement piece but I have been collecting small bits and bobs to make my home more interesting
quirky homeware, cat salt and pepper shakers,
Cat Salt and Pepper Pots*
I’ve been wanting a set of quirky salt and pepper shakers for a while but I’ve never seen the right ones…. until now! Some might think they’re a bit weird but I (obviously) think they’re awesome! Either way, it’s definitely one of those items that gets your guests talking! What do you think of them?
cat mugs, flamingo gifts, madeleine floyd
cat mugs, flamingo gifts, madeleine floyd
A Set Of Cat Mugs*
£8.00 each
I don’t know why but cups and mugs are one of those things that I keep hoarding buying, anyone else with me on this?! I also get all sentimental about them so I’ve still got tea mugs from when I was little, and a couple of cheap ones I bought when I was Uni, and of course there are those that were gifts from friends and family. I don’t like throwing any of them away! 
Anyway, my mum always says that drinking tea from a nice mug makes it taste better and she’s probably right… Mums are always right! So, I guess I’m always searching for the best one to drink from! In all seriousness, I really need to clear out my cupboard and get rid of the old cups to make room for new ones!
These cat mugs are actually sold individually, but how is a hoarder supposed to pick one when there’s so many designs to choose from?! The illustrations are by Madeleine Floyd and the mugs, made from bone china, cost £8.00 each.
cat coasters
Cat Coasters*
You’re going to need some cat coasters for your new cat mugs, am I right? I got a nice set a couple of months ago but when I saw these on Flamingo Gifts website, I just couldn’t resist!
I mean, just look at them! The cats are all dressed up, lookin’ cute and dapper! And because the coasters are so colourful, they look really cool on my freshly painted white coffee table. They are made of ceramic so I’m hoping these will last a lot longer (maybe forever!) than the budget coasters I normally buy!
Check out Flamingo Gifts for more cat themed home items and some quirky homeware pieces, there’s so much to choose from!
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17 thoughts on “For The Home : Quirky Cat Themed Items

  1. I love this post, anything cat related is a winner for me. Such a future cat lady for sure!

    I love the S&P Shakers, I recently got my Mum some similar Westie ones from Sass & Belle. The style is so similar. I know what you mean, that some people may think they're weird, but I love them!

    Great post, thanks!

    Love Lucy x

  2. I am the same way with mugs! I have SO many and honestly the only way my collection diminishes is when I accidentally break one. But I sometimes buy more or get them as gifts so it's not really diminishing… ha ha! Your salt and pepper shakers are totally cute and I think it's fine to have a bunch of kitty-themed decor in your house. I have cat shaped phone stand that I got on ModCloth and I love it.
    🙂 Alice

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