In a recent situation, I was questioned about designer fashion and the lack of it on my blog. It is an aspect of my blog that I would like to change, but haven’t yet decided how to incorporate it in. But it would be a nice way to update my knowledge and actually stay “in the loop” with the latest trends before they reach the high street where they peak and decline quite quickly.
My general attitude towards designer fashion is that if I’m going to fork out hundreds of pounds for one item, I had better get a lot of wear out of it. It better last a life time, an justified investment. And actually, in the time I have saved up for an expensive, premium item, it has lasted and I have been able to get a lot out of it. Things like a timeless handbag, a piece of expensive jewellery, a classic coat, a pair of well-made boots. Something that I can wear again and again, and not worry if it’s “still in fashion“.
When I was approached to write about heidi klein swimwear, I looked at the price tags and I wasn’t sure about it at first. But then I thought about it and I’ve probably spent over £200 in the past 10 years on swimwear. I buy a new one every time I go on holiday because I buy cheap swimwear that don’t last (bad manufacturing) or I’m a different size, or I simply just want to wear a more fashionable style – afterall, I want to feel good and confident in swimwear so I do try tend to update my swimwear collection each time I go on a beach holiday. But perhaps if I did buy a bikini that was of the highest quality and go for something classic style, I would save myself some money in the long run. 
For this collaboration with heidi klein, I browsed through their website and picked out a few pieces to add to my wishlist (whilst dreaming about being on a yacht in the South of France). Pieces that I would consider buying if I was to splurge on a bikini or swimsuit as an investment piece. I tend to go for a triangular shape with a string halterneck or a strapless bandeau and there was plenty of both to choose from, but in terms of colours and patterns, I chose the more basic and timeless – like breton stripes and a single block colour.
What do you think of the designs I’ve picked? And what are your thoughts on designer swimwear? Would you splurge if you knew it was excellent quality and it would last for years?
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This is an advertorial written for heidi klein. However, all words and opinions are my own.

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