Social media is the first place where I get all the latest beauty news from, and yesterday, I saw this lovely lot of make-up from Too Faced pop up on my newsfeed! Quite often, I see a beauty blogger or a YouTuber recommend Too Faced make-up and I’m already sold on the packaging alone. Oh, I do love a cute packaging design, I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of it (and there’s no reason why I should unless my personal taste changes!).

It also seems that there are other beauty brands who have tried to replicate some of Too Faced products, which is a bit naughty, but it only reinforces that Too Faced are doing something right! This coming season, you can look forward all of this, the new offering from Too Faced which will be available from the end of April at Debenhams.

1. #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders, £35
Too Faced have created a palette that gives you a light filtering, photo enhancing finish so that you’re always ready for a ~hashtag no filter~ selfie! This Selfie Powder Palette contains three powders which you can use on it’s own or blend each one of them together. The yellow powder brightens skin, the brown one gives you a sunkissed look, and the purple powder (which is the one I’m most interested in) illuminates to add a radiant, healthy glow to your skin.

2. The Little Black Book Of Bronzers, £40
If you’re like me and can’t decide which Too Faced bronzer you like the best (I’m swaying towards Pink Leopard… but I also really like Snow Bunny AND Endless Summer) then you can now buy this palette which has eight of their best selling bronzers in.

3. Sugar Pop Eye Shadow Palette, £32
When the shades have names like Rock Candy, Macaron, Bubblegum, Sugared Violet, Strawberry Ice… you just know that this sugary sweet palette is deliciously irresistible! These colours are probably a bit too bright for me, but it looks pretty perfect for those who are more daring and experimental with vibrant eyeshadows.

4. Natural Matte Shadow Palette, £32
I really really like this palette, I can’t get enough of natural shadows with a matte finish. This will be the first product I check out when this collection has launched!

5. Dark Chocolate Soleil Deep Tan Matte Bronzer, £25
I think that Too Faced Bronzers are beautiful, but as I said, there’s so much choice and I don’t know which one would suit me best. This chocolate scented powder will give you an instant deep tan without the shimmer free, so it can be used to contour as well as sweeping it all over your entire face.

6. Melted Metal Liquified Metallic Lipstick, £19 each
Some of you may be already be familiar with Too Faced Melted Metal. Well, there’s going to be four new foiled shades added to the range making it a total of eight peach-to-pink-to-purple shades to choose from.

All of these products will be available from the end of April at Debenhams in stores nationwide and on the Debenhams website.

What do you think of this Summer collection from Too Faced? And are you digging the quirkiness of the brand?
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17 thoughts on “BEAUTY : Too Faced Summer 2015 Collection

  1. The #NoFilter Selfie palette is a stroke of genius; great marketing strategy and it's working because I want it and I probably would never even use it!

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