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There are huge efforts to fuse fashion and technology but nothing has quite tickled my fancy… until now. It is an emerging trend that is only set to get bigger but in terms of style, there is still a long way to go. I haven’t been too attracted to any wearable technology, as useful as they are, I think most of them look a little ugly. 
So when I was introduced to the Stellé Audio Mini-Clutch Speaker*, it interested me for a few reasons. One) As far as wearable technology goes, I LOVE the look of the design. Two) I wanted a closer look at both the speaker feature and how it functions as a bag. Is it heavy? Would I wear it? Are the speakers good? I wanted to know more. Three) Niki recently bought a cute looking Sony wireless speaker and I wanted a speaker of my own! And finally, four) It’s a bag AND speakers in one… Sound can be played out of a bag which is pretty cool so I thought you guys would like to know about it!
Stelle Audio Speaker Clutch Bag, wearable technology
To use it as a speaker, you have to pair it up with the device, not to mention you would also have to switch it on. So, don’t worry, sound is going to start blasting out automatically unless you authorise the pairing (I only mention this because that is what I initially thought it would do!)
Here are the functions of the technology side of the Stellé Audio Mini Clutch Speaker:
– Wirelessly streams music from Bluetooth devices
– Wireless range up to 50 feet
– Built in speakerphone
– 15-hour rechargable lithium-ion battery
– Connects to non-Bluetooth devices via aux-in cable
– Can charge your phone if it runs out of battery (USB-Enabled devices only)
– Six watt stereo digital amplifier
Stelle Audio Speaker Clutch Bag, wearable technology
For those who are interested in the fashion aspect of the design, the bag a hard-cased clutch bag with interchangeable wrist bracelet and a detachable metal chain so you can choose to wear it as a shoulder bag. There’s a huge mirror inside the bag, and the interior is made of real leather. The whole thing is packaged really well too, it certainly has a premium feel to it, you know you’re getting a good quality product.
The chain, however, is really thin and the bag/speaker is actually quite heavy so I’m not sure how this would feel on your shoulder, it might start to feel a tad uncomfortable towards the end of the night.  I suppose you could just carry it like you would a regular clutch bag.
The price of this bag ranges from £129 to £169, so it isn’t cheap. My honest feelings about this is that I don’t think I would wear this on a night out as it doesn’t fit that many items but most importantly, there’s a high possibility that someone might spill their drink all over the bag – not great if your bag is expensive and made up of electrical components! There is also no need to take a portable speaker out with you to places where they’re going to play loud music…. But there are plenty of other occasions when you could use this clutch bag, it is quite a formal looking accessory. It does have a plain side so as long as you remember to carry it with the buttons facing towards the back, it looks like a regular clutch bag.
Stelle Audio Speaker Clutch Bag, wearable technology
You guys know I love bags so I was most excited about the bag itself than the speakers. It looks great on the website, and even better in real life. But half of the bag inside is covered with a large mirror, which makes sense as the speaker part of the design needs to be concealed. This doesn’t leave a lot of room to put your belongings in to but it will fit the essentials. It just about fits my iPhone5 in, one lipstick, one single key (no keychains attached), some money and debit/credit cards, which is all you need on a night out. 
Stelle Audio Speaker Clutch Bag, wearable technology
I will get a lot more use out of it as a speaker though. It is so easy to pair it up with Bluetooth devices, so I’ll use the speakers when I’m watching movies, TV shows and YouTube video from my iPad in my room or whilst I’m having a bath. With it having a wireless range of 50 feet, I don’t have to take my laptop or iPad in to the bathroom with me, so I no longer have to worry about damaging them or dropping it in water. I’ve also paired it up with my laptop because the speakers on my laptop has a really poor sound quality, and it does make a difference to the viewing experience, especially when you’re watching a film. I’m sure I’ll use it to play music when I have people over too.
Overall, the idea of this product is awesome. It’s not completely perfect, it’s not so practical as a bag and as I’d personally would like more space inside to store a few extra items of my belongings but Stellé Audio have managed to apply both fashion and technology together in one single design, it is a compromise that many companies get so wrong but this bag has got style on it’s side. 
Stellé Audio products is available to buy from their website or Selfridges. The clutch is available in three designs and prices range from £129 to £169. What are your thoughts on this bag? What are your views on ‘wearable technology?’ Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
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12 thoughts on “STELLÉ Audio Speaker Clutch Bag

  1. It's absolutely amazing as soon as I saw it on twitter I was like WOW but I can totally see myself not trusting others around this I would be close to punching someone if a drink got spilt haha xx

  2. This is certainly a 'wow' product, speakers AND a clutch – awesome! But I can totally see myself getting way too nervous around it (or people around it) that I'd probably just end up using it as speakers at home – or a jewellery storage place or something. It's a stunning product though!

    little miss fii || Fii x

  3. This is probably one of the most amazing things i've seen in a while although the more I think about it, the more I wonder how much I'd actually use it haha. I have a Bose mini speaker which is amazing but very rarely used out and about so although this looks brilliant it'd probably be a massive waste of money for me x

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