Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Crayons, chubby stick, soap and glory gloss stick
£16 for gift set from Soap & Glory
Soap&Glory sent me a set of Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayons just before Christmas and I’ve been testing them out over the festive period. Although the whole beauty industry and beauty blogs have been making noise about gloss stick lip crayons, I have never actually bought one. Were the Clinique Chubby Sticks the first to emerge? 
Well, ever since the launch, other brands have followed their footsteps and lip crayons have been one of the biggest beauty trends in the past couple of years. I have always checked them out when I’m shopping in Boots but there’s such an overwhelming choice of them now, I don’t even know where to begin! But thanks to Soap&Glory,  my love for lip crayons has begun… And they are sure giving Chubby Sticks a run for the money!

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Crayons, chubby stick, soap and glory lip crayon
These are the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Crayons and the gift set contains three shades. In the photo above (and the ones below too!) from left to right, the shades I received are Raplumzel, Fuchsia-Ristic and Bashful.
Upon unboxing, my initial reaction was to reach for Fuchsia-Ristic because I love fuchsia lipstick shades, but this actually looks orange on my lips and against my skintone. It’s showing up quite orange on the photos too and that is quite true to what it’s like in real life. 
Bashful is a nice, gentle pink. I’d say that this is probably too pale and nude on my lips but I reckon that this one would be perfect for those with paler skin. It’s a beautiful subtle shade but I haven’t worn it very much.
Raplumzel is, surprisingly, my favourite out of the three. I say ‘surprisingly’ because I don’t suit vampy, berry shades – which this definitely resembles from the packaging and the colour of the crayon itself. But because the formula is sheer and glossy, it isn’t as plummy as it looks. If you’re anything like me with plum shades in that you want to try it but not confident in making it work with your skintone, then try Raplumzel. I highly recommend it as it’s a muted plum and you’ll feel great in it!
Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Crayons, chubby stick, soap and glory lip crayon
Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Crayons, chubby stick, soap and glory lip crayon
The packaging, as you can see, is shiny black with a corresponding strip of colour. You twist the base and the crayon pushes up. It comes with the lid which is easy to pop on and off. You can buy the gloss sticks individually for £8.00 each and it just comes packaged on it’s own. Or if you you can still get your hands on the the trio set which comes in a metal tin, it cost  £16.00 for all 3 gloss sticks, which isn’t a bad price! I don’t know if this gift set is a Christmas special. I didn’t get a release in the parcel and I can’t find it on the Boots website. You might be able to pick it up in store, but if not, they are definitely sold individually.
(EDIT: I have been informed that this set was indeed a Christmas edition and it’s currently in the January sales in Boots for £8!) 
Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Crayons swatch, soap and glory lip gloss
The formula of Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks are really nice and they smell like vanilla too! I’m not one for a lip gloss, I only wear it when I’m on holiday in a hot country and my hair is flying about in front of my face and eventually getting stuck (and tangled) on my lips! But I am really super impressed with these gloss sticks and I would definitely repurchase!
It has a glossy, sheer finish which glides on like a creamy lipstick. It isn’t thick or gloopy like an actual lip gloss, and it doesn’t tingle or sting like some of the other Soap&Glory lip products. This was what I was worried about at first because I HATE that tingly feeling from the Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss that I’ve tried before. But fret not, the gloss sticks don’t feel like that at all. 
It is a sheer application but it’s not as sheer as it’s showing up on my hand. The formula and pigment sticks to your lips better than the back of your hand. It goes on evenly (like a dream!) and doesn’t drag either. It is hydrating but I didn’t think it lasted very long on my lips so you might find yourself re-applying three or four times on a night out, as it transfers on to cups/mugs/glass very easily.
As with all Soap&Glory products, they dazzle us with words they have trademarked and in this case, the gloss has a GLOSS-FIX™ FINISH and UTLIMELT™ Lip Shine and Shaping Technology (?). It sure sounds good and I’m sure it’s pretty self-explanatory but I don’t really know what it truly means I can never find much information on it every time I search them on Google. Anyway – all there is to know is that this is a great lip product and I love them, they have the perfect amount of shine and smell good! Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks are available in five shades, each retailing at £8 from Boots. 
What are your thoughts of lip crayons and what other similar ones do you recommend? I’m looking to buy a couple more so let me know your recommendations! 🙂
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22 thoughts on “Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick Crayons | Soap&Glory

  1. I actually asked my mom to get me the blush version of these! But next time I'll for sure ask for these to try :3 (along with their powder and archery)
    Take care*

  2. I got my first Sexy Mother Pucker gloss for Christmas this year and I'm totally in love with it, will definitely be keeping an eye out for these sticks as they look just as good! I think Raplumzel sounds gorgeous, especially being quite sheer x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  3. I got these for Christmas and actually really like them. I thought my favourite was going to be fuschia-ristic too, but actually I'm a big fan of the other two instead x

  4. Revlon ColorBurst matte pencils are my favourite – although aren't going to be yours if you don't like a matte lip 😉 They're kind of minty and they last pretty well, but I would say I don't like any of the colours enough on me to reach for them over my other lipsticks… to be honest, I think they're a bit of a fad too and we'll hear less about them soon… xx

  5. I had this set last year for Christmas and love them, instead of Bashful there was a shade called Nudist and with the right lip pencil it creates a good Kylie Jenner esque lip. Happy new year lovely xxx

  6. these look so cute! and i was gonna say that the fuchsia one definitely looks more orangey:-) i'd like to try these, though there's possibly too many beauty things i want to try at the moment, haha! xx

  7. I was given this set for Christmas and I love it. I was expecting the sticks to be more pigmented though! Bashful is my favourite shade, closely followed by Replumzel (because I love that name!).
    Beth x

  8. I've never tried any of these but I must admit the revlon ones put me off trying a new lip crayon, I found as it left this menthol mint taste, I hated it. Do these do the same? 🙂 x

    Lucie xx
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