nails inc, kinder bueno nails inc
nails inc, kinder bueno nails inc
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Yesterday was dubbed ‘Blue Monday’ but how can my day be blue when it started off with a parcel filled with Kinder Bueno and two limited nail polishes from Nails Inc! I kicked those blues in the gut while I stuffed my gob with chocolate and painted my nails red. 
You may remember last year’s Kinder Bueno social media campaign in which they gave a load of freebies away during Easter. Well, this year, they’re back with another major campaign and they have once again joined forces with one the biggest nail brand, Nails Inc. With every promotional pack of Kinder Bueno, you get £5 off on Nails Inc polishes, and furthermore, Kinder Bueno have 5,000 bottles of the limited edition colours to giveaway for the rest of January and throughout February. 
The limited Nails Inc shades are the ones pictured above, both made especially for Kinder Bueno. We’ve got the Bueno Mink and Bueno Orange – and as you can see, both colours are pretty darn gorgeous! Bueno Mink is a taupe grey with a lilac undertone and it looks absolutely lovely in the bottle but unfortunately, it doesn’t suit my pale skintone. I envy those who can pull this shade off.

I tried it on my nails and honestly, I made it look really horrible and the last thing I want is to put you all off it! I have never suited nudes, greys and browns – it just ages my hands horribly and clashes with my skin. My sister, on the other hand, is more tanned and has a darker complexion than me and she really likes these types of shades so she is calling dibs on Mink, and it’s all hers!

Bueno Orange is much more my thing. It is an orange-toned red and it’s very bright and vibrant – just how I like it! The brighter, the better! If you’ve ever used Nails Inc polishes before, you will be familiar with the quality of them. They’re really pigmented, dries fast, only requires two coats and applies like a dream. They’re glossy and long wearing too!
I’m sure there are similar shades in the Nails Inc range but currently, these two limited edition polishes are exclusive to Kinder Bueno. You can’t buy them but they do have got LOADS to give away so if you fancy your chances of winning a pair, then hop over to their Facebook or Bueno’s site and look out for the giveaway posts!
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18 thoughts on “Nails Inc x Kinder Bueno Collab | Beauty News

  1. That's so cute; matching nails with food! (I think I may prefer your color choices from last year though, but that's just personal preference hehe) ANYWAYS, I think Kinder chocolates are illegal here in the States, or at least the egg ones are. So sad :'( Eat a bunch of chocolate for me! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

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