laura mercier honey bath, laura mercier honey bath review, laura mercier golden honey musk
laura mercier honey bath, laura mercier honey bath review
laura mercier honey bath, laura mercier honey bath review
Laura mercier honey, laura mercier golden honey musk, laura mercier souffle body creme

Today is National Bubble Bath Day! I’m not entirely sure what that means but every day is a bubble bath day for me and I’ve got a couple of indulgent treats to help celebrate! I love nothing more than to run a bath with my many lotions and potions that creates lovely smells and soft bubbles, and sit there for an hour watching a film or catch up on TV and YouTube. I never used to be a fan of baths when I was younger but these days, it’s my remedy for stress or when I’m feeling upset about something, it helps me to unwind and temporarily forget all worries of life.
The latest addition to my growing collection of bath products are a couple of presents I received for Christmas; The Laura Mercier Body and Bath Duet which contains a jar of Honey Bath and a matching souffle body creme in golden honey musk fragrance. I have been using it a lot ever since I got it but at the same time, sparingly! It’s a really nice gift set and I want to make it last as long as possible. 
The honey bath in Golden Honey Musk fragrance is everything you imagine it to be. It smells like honey with a hint of amber, sandalwood and musk, it smells so incredibly good. The honey bath actually resembles the appearance and consistency of honey, it honestly looks amazing, it’s such a luxurious bath time treat! It comes with a wooden dipper which, if you ask me, is kind of essential for dispensing a thick and gooey bubble bath out of a glass jar. It would be way too messy if you tried to pour it from the jar straight to your bath! Using the wooden dipper, you swirl the honey bath out of the jar and run it under the tap until it is all melted away. You need about 3 dips to get a good amount of bubbles but I’ve only been using one dip each time because it’s a 6oz small jar but the full size is 300g. Using the one dip doesn’t create a lot of bubbles but I’ve been using LUSH bubble bars to make my own ‘bath cocktail’.
The souffle body creme is equally as delicious! It’s light body cream that makes your skin smell so nice! Personally, I LOVE the smell of it, I think it is lovely! It’s sweet and it lingers for hours and hours. However, when I used this over Christmas, my dad and my sister both felt that the scent was too strong and overpowering. 
I love the gift set so much and I may treat myself to another one in a full size at some point. I’m definitely going to add it to my Christmas and birthday wishlist every year! I have been wanting to try to Laura Mercier honey baths for so long now but I always felt like I couldn’t justify the price. A large 300g jar cost £32, which is a very pricy for what is essentially a very indulgent bubble bath, but it is such a gorgeous treat for yourself, especially if you’re in to baths the same way as I am! Now that I’ve finally tried it and know how nice it is, I won’t feel so guilty if I want to treat myself to it next time I’m shopping!
As well as honey bath and souffle body creme, the other products in the Laura Mercier bath and body range are: body wash, hand cream, body scrub and body butter. Other scents available include Creme De Pistache, Ambre Vanille, Fresh Fig, Almond Coconut Milk and Creme Brulee. All worth checking out next time you’re at a Laura Mercier beauty counter!
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28 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Bath Honey in Golden Honey Musk | Review

  1. I love that the bath products come with a wooden dipper so cute. I've wanted to try this range for quite some time now, although I'm a fan of Lush and TBS it nice to have a couple of super luxe products such as the LM range for those days where you need a pick me up 😀 xx

  2. SOLD! I really really want to give this a go, it looks so luxurious and I'm a big fan of bubble baths – I have one every Sunday afternoon as a treat before putting on fresh PJs!

    Funny how now I'm supposed to be saving for a house I suddenly want expensive bubble bath :p

    Chloe x

  3. I never even knew Laura Mercier had products outside of makeup, oops, lol. This sounds so nice though! I love taking Bubble Baths, I don't get a chance to do so often but it's such a nice treat when I'm able to. This looks very interesting!

  4. This product is such a luxury! And baths are also considered a luxury for me 😛 I probably won't get this in the next 3.5 years because I'm living on my college campus, which doesn't provide bathtubs for students (and even if they did, I'd be skeptical about using them haha), but if this product is still selling after that, I'd love to get one and use it only for special occasions or whenever I need a little extra pick-me-up. I don't really keep track of beauty products so I'm not sure how long they're usually continued for. Maybe I should stock up on this product because it's discontinued? How long is the shelf life? -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Amazing photographs! I love the post 🙂 I have just started my own beauty blog over at if you want to check it out?

  6. I got the Ambre Vanille set for Christmas, and I'm in love with the bath and body souffle. I haven't tried the scrub yet and the shimmer isn't really my kinda thing, but it is such a lovely present and definitely the sort of treat I love to receive as I probably would not buy it for myself!
    I haven't smelt the Almond Coconut milk one yet, will do so the next time I'm in a department store as it sounds amazing!
    Isabel x
    Monochrome Magpie

  7. The Laura Mercier Body and Bath Duet contains a jar of Honey Bath and a matching souffle body creme in golden honey musk fragrance.Alongwith it the bubble bath is prepared in the octopus version made with crushed and distilled essences of honeyed rose, wisteria petals and white musk, with green tea extract.Because of this aromas anybody can love to walk in baths and enjoy the moment.

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