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I was reeaaaallly bored last night and got the urge to do something spontaneous. I decided to cut my own hair!!
For a while, I have been whinging about how fed up I am of my long, overgrown and weighty hair. I couldn’t do much with it other than curl it. I’m not attached to my long hair and I don’t mind getting a short hair style but my problem is finding the “right” hairdresser to do it. I have never stayed loyal to a hairdresser and I never visit the same salon twice. I’ve never liked a hair cut enough to return. In short, I’m an awkward customer and I find it hard to hand over the money for someone to cut it.
Last night, I decided to chop it all off and that I was going to do it myself! I don’t make a habit of it because I’m not a professional but I’ve done it before, I used to cut my own hair when I was at college and university. I started off by giving myself a little trim and waited for my friends to notice the change, but they never did, it was that subtle. I did the same at uni, a few inches off here and there! I even cut in a bold, thick fringe at one point! No big deal!
Here’s what my hair was like before:
long hair, long black hair
And this is what it looks like now!
cutting own hair

Now, I’m not advising that anyone does the same, but I snipped 5 inches off last night! I actually did the same last year and kept it quiet, but as no one noticed, I’ll take that as a sign that I didn’t do such a bad job! Yay! (unless you were all too polite to ask why I had butchered my hair….) I always keep it quiet because I thought it was a weird thing to do! But from the comments I got from Instagram and Twitter, it looks like a few of you also cut your own hair too.
The way that I have felt about my hair in the past month, I can’t say that I was particularly precious about it when I got the urge to cut it last night. It is risky but my attitude was “I’m bored, I want to do something crazy, and if I ruin it, I’ll just get it fixed at the hairdressers next week”!! As you can imagine, I had sooooo much hair to work with to begin with so it was a case of trimming tiny bits off at a time and levelling it out; cut and level, cut and level. I’m not sure how ballsy I would be if I had mid-short length hair, it’s a lot easier to do this when your hair is long to begin with. Another reason I wasn’t too bothered is because my hair also grows so fast, it will be long again in 6 months time. Using my outfit posts as a way of showing you just how fast it grows, this was when I cut my own hair in April last year… And this is how long it grew 6 months later!
So, how did I do it? I have no set method really, but I use the techniques that I have observed on the occasions when I actually visited the hair salon! And I cut the hair when it’s dry so I can see it take shape whilst I’m cutting. I’m super happy with my hair today, no regrets – more happy than I would have been if I had got it cut professionally. Probably because I was in total control of how I wanted it to look in the end! (Control freak!)
You’ll see proper pics of my new hair in my upcoming outfit posts! I’m happy to share a few tips if anyone finds it helpful? I’m not sure how common it is to cut your own hair! Let me know in the comments what you think!
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36 thoughts on “I Cut My Own Hair

  1. Ah your hair looks amazing, I can't believe you cut that yourself. Definitely doesn't look butchered! Love the length on you. Can't wait to see your hair debuting in your outfit pics! x

  2. I love short hair on you Sarah, you've done a brilliant job! Wish I could take the plunge and just cut my hair shorter!

    Thuy xx /

  3. Wow you are brave! I can only imagine what my hair would look like if I did it myself … I'm not a very creative or patient person so I think it would have hilarious results.

    You've done such a good job though, I never would have guessed you'd done it yourself!

    Chloe x

  4. It looks great! Going to a salon has always triggered my social anxiety a ton, and my self-consciousness about my face, so between that and being literally poor I started cutting my own hair myself a few years ago. It feels incredibly freeing and I’m a lot less obsessive about how it looks now, I can do it whenever, and my hair curls sort of like yours so it’s pretty forgiving of unevenness. (Which is good because yeah, I try for even, but I’ve been known to grab a pair of scissors and start chopping without even looking in the mirror.) I’m happy with it (and still poor) so I don’t think I’ll be going back to hairdressers any time soon.

  5. your hair looks so lovely! and i don't think cutting your own hair is strange at all, and do it myself unless i'm trying something a little more drastic. like when i went for a pixie, i did go to the hairdressers as getting the back would've been a nightmare, haha:-) i also used to chop off an inch or few when i was bored like you, but now that i'm trying to grow my hair back, i'm having to fight the urge to be spontaneous and let this awkward-length-phase pass.. you did a really good job! xx

  6. i've been really tempted to cut my own hair for the past few months as i really dislike going to the salon, i'm still not too sure, but i'm very very tempted ^__^ your hair looks beautiful! x

  7. It looks great! I've been cutting my own hair for over two years and find that I am always happy with the results. I'm actually supposed to have cut it today (but I'm lazy!). The only thing I do miss is having someone cut my hair for me.

    Saba 🙂

  8. Your new hairstyle is so beautiful! It kind of makes me want to chop off all my hair right now (it's midnight and I'm attempting to study those last bits, heh) because just like you, I'm always so awkward at the hairdresser. I love the way your shorter hair is curled, my hair is just straight as a pole (this simile though) and I don't have the skills nor the time to curl it that way, haha ヽ(^。^)丿

  9. I love it! It looks so much fresher if that even makes sense? For years I wanted long hair but when I finally got it I actually realised I prefer a shoulder length "do".
    I reckon you've found another calling!


  10. Whaat it turned out so well. I used to cut my hair and it was a disaster every time, I hate going to the hairdressers but I pretty much have to.

  11. Oh my gosh your hair looks gorgeous! I can't believe you cut it all by yourself that's amazing. I think mine would end up a wonky mess if I tried but yours looks like it was done by a professional! You totally rock the short hair look 🙂 xx

  12. I wouldn't exactly call it cutting my hair but I shave my own head from time to time I hate having long hair I cant do nothing with it other than put it in a ponytail and it get greasy far to much.
    But can you believe it I have been growing my hair for a few months now and its driving me crazy but I am determined to grow it, I don't know why lol
    you hair looks great tho

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