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Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you celebrated in style! I’m spending the rest of the holiday season with my family before it’s back to life, and work, and all the other mundane things! This post is to kind of look back on 2014 (I know, I should have scheduled this post for yesterday – I’ll be quick!) and also what’s ahead in 2015. 
Firstly, the highlights of 2014 for me were the following:
london on helicopter, view of london
A trip to London
At the start of the year, I was told that I had won a luxury trip to London courtesy of F&F. It was great news to start the new year with, I was so excited! I was allowed to set my own date for it so I picked May, for Niki’s birthday. Weather-wise, it’s a nice time of year, it’s sunny but not too hot. We had tickets to the theatre, accommodation in S. Kensington, spending money, hot stone massage and spa treatment, complimentary manicure at WAH nails and a helicopter ride. I blogged about the trip here, but the thing I am most pleased about was getting myself on that helicopter. I’m not the best of flyers so I was really worried about it for months but I knew it was literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I couldn’t possibly wimp out and I’m glad I didn’t. It was amazing!
A Surprise Wedding
An invite came through the post for my friend’s, Beth, 30th birthday party. A road trip to Scarborough and the chance to catch up with friends sounded great, my idea of a perfect weekend! Well, as you can see, it turned out to be her wedding reception! She kept it a secret for a year and it was the best surprise! You can read more here and see more pics from our day exploring Scarborough!
hero&cape, lookbook photoshoot, photoshoot in manchester, fashion in manchester
Photoshoot in Manchester
I enjoy looking back on this day because at the time, it was a bit of a blur so I like to look at the photos and remind myself what actually happened. I’ve been involved with a lot of the photoshoots at Hero&Cape and this one is the best one yet, thanks to the amazing team we got on board, everything fitted in to place. And as you can imagine, the weeks leading up to the photoshoot, we were stressing out about the things that could go wrong but we needn’t have worried so much. It was a busy day but everything went smoothly. I loved being in Manchester and I can’t wait to go back!
What’s in store for 2015?
For the first time, I don’t know. I have nothing planned for the year ahead – that’s either really exciting or really worrying, I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll just roll with it and see what happens! Good things always happen when you least expect it, right?! All I know is that 2014 was a weird one for me and I found it difficult to keep my spirits up, for no real reasons, really. I was unrealistic about my goals and I kept setting myself up for a fail! But I’m going to try harder to be more positive this year and to be proud of the things I have achieved without comparing it to someone else (always a killjoy, that!) Work-wise, in 2014 I have had to find my feet in a new chapter but this year, I want to push myself a bit harder and and generally be a lot more focussed, whilst always remembering this quote in the process…
inspirational quote, good things take time
Let me know in the comments what your highlight of 2014 was, and what are you looking forward to most in 2015!
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21 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy new year Sarah! I think it's good to not have anything planned, you'll end up feeling more relaxed and happier. Whatever comes up will be a surprise.

  2. I've only been following your blog for the past month, but I'm always looking forward to your posts 🙂 This one was especially exciting to read, because I got to see some of the things I missed! (wow surprise wedding, that must have been one hell of a weekend, never to forget!) Happy new year 🙂 wishing you all the best! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

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