Setting powders and powders that help to reduce the shine from oily skin are one of my beauty essentials. 
I started off using a budget powder like the Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder and then I moved on to something with a bit more oomph (Benefit Cosmetics Agent Zero Shine) – both of which have served me well, but something else has come along that has taken over. 
mineral powder, claudia louch mineral powder, setting powder

Reduce oils and get the flawless look with Claudia Louch Mineral Loose Powder*£47.50

The thing that sets Claudia Louch Mineral Loose Powder apart is that it’s 94% natural, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and does not contain fragrance, parabens or SLS. 
I’ve got a lot of time for a product that is free from parabens, but also when it’s non-comedogenic which means it doesn’t block your pores. 
This makes this mineral powder suitable for pretty much all skin types, but especially for those who suffer from acne and similar skin problems. It can be a vicious cycle for people suffering from acne because skin tends to be oily. And when product is applied on oily skin, the bad stuff gets blocked in the pores which makes the problem of the breakout even worse. 
The mineral powder from Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic will give you a peace of mind knowing that this cosmetic product will not cake or clog.
mineral powder, claudia louch mineral powder, setting powder
The tub comes packaged in a branded drawstring pouch which is rather different to the usual cardboard packaging we’re so used to seeing. 
I’ve actually been using the pouch to put little bits of make up in there so that it’s all stored together in one place and I’m not rooting loose product at the bottom of my handbag. 
mineral powder, claudia louch mineral powder, setting powder
As the product title states, this is a loose powder, something I used to be petrified of using!! I’ve learnt to be more careful when using make up products like this. It can get messy, and be prepared for it – and to avoid a spillage disaster, (argh, powder on cream carpet!) it’s probably not the best product to use it if you’re in a hurry or ‘on-the-go’. (Yeah, don’t take this in the taxi!)
Offering a light coverage, Claudia Louch Mineral Loose Powder is very similar to Benefit Cosmetics Agent Zero Shine but it’s easier to use, has more of the good stuff and guarantees that it’s non-comedogenic. 
It can be worn on it’s own or as apply over foundation to set your make up. With a few light strokes, the mineral powder will absorb excess oils, cover imperfection and give you skin a flawless, silky, matte finish. 
mineral powder, claudia louch mineral powder, setting powder
The powder itself is a beige colour in it’s appearance but there’s no colour pigment in it so it is translucent when it transfers to your skin. It also lasts a lot longer than budget brands which is a huge plus. 

Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Mineral Loose Powder is available to buy exclusively from their website and retails for £47.50 for a 15gm tub.

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8 thoughts on “Claudia Louch Loose Mineral Powder // Beauty Review

  1. I usually wear compact powder because I find it easier to maneuver but, this look pretty tempting. I think I'll give it a try since I need something to last for as long as possible!

  2. I'm a huge mineral make-up fan, rarely use anything else if I'm honest but I am in search of new brands to try, I;ve stuck by the same one for so long, I need to see what else is out there! I love the packaging, I'm a sucker for a cute little drawstring bag – they're so pretty AND handy!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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