molton brown body wash
It’s a Molton Brown rainbow! And just look how beautiful it looks! I’m really excited about this and even before it arrived through the post, I knew how much I would love it! 
This gift set is called the Stocking Fillers Collection which is a box of 12 Molton Brown’s best selling body washes. The gift costs £39 (worth £60) and each bottle is a miniature, travel sized 50ml size and it comes packaged in a fabulous festive red box complete with a bow!
Molton Brown gift set, molton brown body wash
Molton Brown gift set, molton brown body wash
The bottles of body washes looks so pretty in the box with all the different colours gleaming up at you, very colourful, shiny and luxurious! They also have the Bath and Body Treasures Collection which looks similar to this except is contains 6 body washes and 6 body lotions, and it’s £3 more but, visually, I think the Stocking Fillers collection looks better. And I prefer to have more body wash than lotion. 
As well as having the name of the blend on the front of the bottle, I recently discovered that each one is inspired by a place and this small bit of information is displayed on the back. I think that’s a nice added touch because when you’re using the body wash, the scent will evoke a sense of escapism, it’s like transporting yourself to a little holiday every time you use it…. or at least that’s the idea, anyway! And when you’re using something so luxurious, it is those small details that makes you feel like you are using a nice and expensive product. As well as paying for a product which is blended with the finest and rarest ingredients sourced from all over the world, the smell is obviously a big part in body products and that’s the instant difference between using a premium and a bargain body product. But brand psychology aside (which I’m eating right up with Molton Brown!), these body washes really do smell authentic, unique and exotic and best of all, it leaves your skin feeling soft. You only need to use a small amount of it for it to lather up, too!
Molton Brown gift set, molton brown body wash, molton brown stocking fillers
I remember a few years ago when I bought a set for my Mum, I noticed that Molton Brown used parabens, which is a cheap alternative commonly used in cosmetics/beauty products, and I was a bit put off Molton Brown because of this for several years. There’s always a controversial debate about parabens but for me, in this particular case, it was the fact that a premium brand such as Molton Brown can afford to use alternatives and for a brand that prides themselves in to developing products from the finest ingredients, the inclusion of parabens left a bad taste in my mouth (figuratively speaking, of course. I ain’t sitting in the corner, knocking back a few bottles of Molton Brown body wash, ha!) 
However, I’m very pleased to learn that they have improved and re-formulated their blends and they’re all parabens free! Hurrah! They’ve also renamed the scents too (eg. the Orange and Bergamot used to be called Naran Ji) which I also welcome because it’s more straight-to-the-point. You know exactly what scent to expect with the new names. No faffing about, just how I like it!
molton brown body wash
So, what are the blends featured in the Stocking Fillers Collection? From left to right, starting with the purple one, I’ll state the blend name and also the place it is inspired by:
Ylang-Ylang (Madagascar)
Bushukan (Thailand)
Gingerlily (Tahiti)
Templetree (Laos)
Coco & Sandalwood (Philippines)
Japanese Orange (Japan)
molton brown body wash, molton brown gift set
Pink Pepperpod (Guinea)
White Sandalwood (China)
Eucalyptus (Australia)
Black Peppercorn (Madagascar)
Orange & Bergamot (Seville)
Samphire (Atlantic)
If you know someone who is a fan of Molton Brown, this is a really lovely set to buy them. If you’re anything like me when buying beauty products for other people, you’ll have a hard time trying to part with it… When you see this set for yourself, you’ll definitely want one too!
Or.. if you fancy your chances, there is also a Molton Brown app on their Facebook page where you can win a lovely gift set. All you have to do is visit their Facebook page, decorate the Christmas tree and place Molton Brown presents under it! Have fun!
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