lush chrismtas presents, lush snow time
lush chrismtas presents
lush snow time gift set, lush christmas presents
Snow Time Gift Box from LUSH Cosmetics*, £13.95
One thing that LUSH isn’t short of is the choice of gift sets! I popped in yesterday and was really spoilt for choice. It’s an overwhelming amount and it’s hard to know which one to choose one when they’re all so nice and gorgeously wrapped!
One box that was delivered to me last week was Snow Time, “a trio of products as refreshing as diving into a pile of fluffy white snow”. Some of you will be very happy to hear that all of these products can be used in the shower. I have been wanting to do a LUSH shower product blogpost for a while because after reading all the comments and feedback from my previous LUSH posts, some of you were telling me that you feel like you’re missing out because you don’t have a bath tub at home. There are a few awesome products for showering and here are just three of them:
snowman shower jelly lush, lush happy hippy shower gel
Snowman Shower Jelly:
The shower jellies are so cool, I love wobbly textures like this and I can’t stop touching it! Admittedly, shower jellies are not the easiest thing to handle, they get very slippery so make sure you hold on to it for dear life! The Snowman is, as you can guess, vaguely shaped like a snowman! It smells like a combination of blackcurrant and sweet lemon, delicious! I’ve had to split it in half as I find it easier to handle when a small section of it is cupped in the palm of my hand. The novelty factor is strong on this one (what’s LUSH without a bit of quirkiness!) but it cleanses well and leaves your skin smelling nice so it get two thumbs up from me! It’s self-preserving and doesn’t contain parabens so it’s advisable to store the jellies in the fridge. It will be great to use these chilled during the Summer time! I also recommend the Sweetie Pie shower jelly if you like sweet scented body products.

Happy Hippy Shower Gel:
A shower gel in regular no-nonsense liquid form, Happy Hippy is pink grapefruit based so it’s very uplifting and refreshing. The consistency of this is really thick but that’s neither a good or bad thing, just an observation! It’s such a great fruity shower gel for the mornings as it awakens your skin and brightens you up for the day ahead.

baked alaska soap lush
Baked Alaska Snowball Soap:
At LUSH, there are so many soaps to choose from and Baked Alaska is just one of them from their Winter range. At first, I thought Baked Alaska would smell like the dessert, I expected it to be sweet and creamy. To my surprise, it’s sharp with a citrus lemon and grapefruit oil. Very zingy! I’ve grown to love the soaps from LUSH, I have one in my kitchen and another in the bathroom. I’ve also got a couple more that I’ve yet to use. They lasts so long even though I use them every day! I think this soap has been in the box with the polystyrene bits for quite a while because the appearance of it is dull and matte, but it looks colourful and glossy when you buy them individually. Looks good enough to eat!
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14 thoughts on “LUSH Shower Products | Snow Time

  1. If the weather permits tomorrow, I'm going to stop by Lush to pick up a few things! I'm really excited haha, since I've never been to a Lush store before. The baked alaska soap is so pretty, I'm a sucker for citrus scents!

    becky ♡ star violet

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