christmas snowglobe
I’m back at my family home in good ol’ Yorkshire but as I type this, the sun is beaming into my room and thanks to the central heating, it is feeling rather tropical in here right now! Not very Christmassy, right?! But I do have a few little things that have helped me get in to the Christmas spirit! 
yankee candle candy cane lane
I got this seasonal edition Candy Cane Lane from Yankee Candle last week and I’ve seen it on a lot of blogs already so I’m glad to have my hands on a small jar! It has a sweet, peppermint scent just like a real candy cane.
christmas cake pop, festive cake pop
This adorable little cake pop came through the post from Babushka Communications, an agency I have had the pleasure of working with for a couple of years now! I rely on them for all the latest news on eco-friendly, cruelty free, organic, natural, hollistic beauty products! The team at Babushka Comms have introduced me to some amazing brands in the last two years, a lot of which have now become staples in my skincare routine such as the face oil by Antonia Burrell, the most amazing eye treatment from Healgel, a whole bunch of REN skincare and Balance Me face mask.
Dorothy bubble bar, lush dorothy
I’ve been eyeing up the Dorothy Bubble Bar from LUSH for for ages and I don’t know why I didn’t buy it earlier! But The Wizard Of Oz is always on TV at this time of year, and we watch it every time it’s on. It was only right that I picked up the Dorothy Bubble Bar to use during my festive break! It would have been perfect if the bubble bar was yellow (in reference to “they yellow brick road”) but the vibrant blue is just as great!
primark festive leggings
I bought these back in early November and I couldn’t wait to wear them as soon as it turned December! You can see what else I bought in my Primark A/W haul here. I have to admit, the leggings do keep me warm but they’re not the most comfortable things to wear all day long. I have bought them 2 sizes up but they’re still too tight! But how can I resist them! They look awesome!
christmas stocking
Every now and then, an email lands my inbox asking if they can send the pets something. TK Maxx sent this cute cat stocking and I’ve been filling them up with treats for Oscar! ….I’ve even written him a card aswell….. Just to say, y’know, Merry Christmas and all that, boy!
christmas hamper
There has been loads and loads of social media campaigns this Christmas and brands have been really generous in giving gifts away. I know that M&S had a great campaign with #FollowTheFairies, that one has stood out for me. I don’t tend to get involved (apart from The Body Shop one) but one day, I tweeted that I had yet to start my Christmas shopping. I just tweeted it and I didn’t tag anyone but I got a reply from Tesco asking me to send them my Christmas list! I can see from Twitter that their #MakeChristmas campaign has been really successful too. As excited as I was to even be noticed, I replied and said it was very generous but I couldn’t possibly be so cheeky. Instead, I told them my family would be truly happy with a couple of festive food (what Tesco does best!) like mince pies and a box of chocolates. A few days later, this huge, amazing hamper arrived! It has been in my flat for 2 weeks and I couldn’t resist helping myself to the chocolates and crisps. But I’ve gone out and bought more food and drink to fill the hamper up to the brim. The hamper is now sitting under the tree now and the whole family will be sharing the treats on Christmas Day. 
What have you been up to in the build up to Christmas? Are you excited for THE BIG DAY?

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Vibes

  1. I get what you mean about the tropicalness, here we always seem to get sun on the week of Xmas, even so, we always have the fireplace going and end up sweating, I miss English snow tho T_T

    I saw some xmas leggings in Primark a few weeks ago but they must have been selling them for a while because there was only like 2 pairs left , yours are super cute!

    Have a great Christmas!

  2. I'm obsessed with your leggings! I've never known leggings to be too tight before because leggings are supposed to be stretchy, right? Except for jeggings I guess? Anyways, they're super cute 🙂 And WOW Tesco really gets into the Christmas spirit! What they did was so amazing! MERRY CHRISTMAS! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. I got that candle for Christmas, can't wait to try it out.
    Also couldn't resist the leggings myself, I got the penguin one, but I agree, they're quite tight!

    Jegz xo

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