winter candles, christmas scented candles
Who doesn’t love the smell of Christmas? Each and every one of us associate Christmas with a particular smell and I’ve got two candles here that definitely evokes memories of the festive season, past and present! (Bloggers and their candles, eh!) 
Both are a medium jar from IW Natural Candle which burns for 36 hours, and the scents are Fir Cone, and Festive Spice. Other ones available in their Christmas range includes Sweet Roasted Chestnuts, Fresh Fig, Mulled Wine and Strudle Spice.

Fir Cone is a green scent that reminds you of going for winter walks in the forest or park. It has a frosty and woody scent with a hint of pine. I want to say that the smell of this candle reminds me of a real Christmas tree, but I can’t remember what they smell like as we’ve not had a real tree for years!
winter candles, christmas scented candles
Festive Spice is my favourite out of the two, it’s the one I’ve been burning the most this past week. It’s made with Christmas rose, frankincense, myrrh and Eastern spices. I don’t normally like spicy scented candles but this one is done really well. The floral note in it keeps it sweet as well as warm and to me, this definitely smells like Christmas!!
winter candles, christmas scented candles
These candles are made of natural soy wax which is safer and burns cleaner than paraffin wax. Unlike Yankee Candle though, the scent throw from the two I’ve got are not that strong and lingering which is bad news for those who love strongly scent candles. However, for those who don’t like the overpowering fragrance (and not everyone does, as it can induce a headache or make someone feel nauseas) then perhaps you’re looking for one that adds ambience and a gentle light fragrance to your home, IW Natural Candle is the brand you’re looking for! 
IW Natural Candles are handmade in a garden workshop where the quality can be monitored, and they don’t use any ingredients that have been tested on animals either. Candles come in small, medium and large sizes with prices starting from £4.99. Use discount code TEMPSEC15 at checkout for 15% off your order. The code can be used once per person and can’t be used with any other discount. Offer ends on 31st December so if you want to do a spot of Christmas shopping, or just to treat yourself to a festive candle, you can purchase IW Candles directly from the website!
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3 thoughts on “Christmas Candles | Soy Wax Candles

  1. Oh now I think we have had completely different experiences here, whereas I find Yankee to be quite poor in terms of scent (I have only tried the small jars) I found the Orange one from this brand to be really, really lovely. It just goes to show how we all experience these types of things differently I guess 🙂
    Amy x

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