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Benebalm from Benefit Cosmetics* £14.50
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I’ve read plenty of reviews on this but I wanted to try the product for myself before making any judgements. From what I can gather, the general feeling is that the Benefit’s Benebalm is just an overpriced tinted lip balms. There’s no denying that this is a luxury item, it is indeed a balm and yes, it’s expensive. 
I get the point that people are making because I feel exactly the same way about mascara. Why bother with high end when you get one for £2.99 at Boots that does the “same” thing. I guess this applies for pretty much everything and ultimately, it comes down personal preference and probably how much that person wants to invest in the quality of the product. 
I don’t care too much for mascara but I’m willing to spend more on lip products whether that’s lip care, lipstick or a lip balm. And trust me, I’ve tried them all from the cheapest to some high end brands. I’m always on the search for the best lip balms, tinted or regular! As long as it works, I’m there with bells on!

benebalm, benefit cosmetics lip balm, benefit benebalm review, benefit benebalm
I have dry lips so needless to say I stay well away from matte finishes. I always opt for sheer and moisturising lip products such as MAC’s lustre lipsticks and Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balms for the day time, so Benebalm is a welcome addition to my collection. 
It is a really sheer, tinted lip product. The swatch on the back of my hand didn’t show up that well on camera but the colour is noticeable when you apply it to your lips. When reviewing products, it’s easy to forget that everyone is different and this is where I try to be helpful. Sure, these tints aren’t high in pigment (they’re not supposed to be) but I know that there are some who aren’t confident with sharp, vibrant colours, especially during day time. So for them, Benebalm would be perfecting in adding the right amount of colour to your lips. 
benebalm, benefit cosmetics lip balm, benefit benebalm review, benefit benebalm
In regards to the price, Benebalm is sure a luxury item, as I mentioned earlier. I do wish it was a few pounds cheaper but then again, I wish EVERYTHING was a lot cheaper (hey, Apple, can you lower your prices) However, if you look at Benebalm as a whole package, you can see get what you are paying for. 
The quality of a product that you’re potentially using everyday is important and the Benefit tinted lip balms have a moisturising and hydrating formula enriched with nourishing mango butter and then there’s the packaging which is beautifully designed (Benefit has a way of sucking you in like that!). Some may say it’s not worth the money but there’s actually nothing wrong with it the product itself, it does exactly what it says it does and very well too, I might add. It’s suitable to wear every day so  you are getting your money’s worth in that sense. 
Overall, I’m not disappointed with the performance or quality of Benebalm. It glides on smoothly, it doesn’t drag, it’s not waxy, it leaves your lips feeling soft, it’s comfortable to wear and it’s not sticky. 
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16 thoughts on “Benefit Benebalm Tinted Lip Balm | Beauty Review

  1. To be honest, I'd be willing to pay more for a balm that isn't so sticky/slimy I want to wipe it off the second it's on my face! I completely agree that it's worth paying for quality lip products – probably more than anything else that's where I really notice a difference between cheap and high end. CC xx

  2. Benefit is a brand I have been using since I started getting properly into make up. This looks really good x

  3. I forever loose my lip balms only to find them neglected or forgotten in coat pockets, under the bed or in handbags so I tend to buy cheaper products. I also keep a pot of my beloved Tisane lip balm on my bedside table and never take it or move it from there so that I don't lose it

  4. I haven't tried these ones…I mean, depending on their ingredients (for example, if they are a mineral oil-free lip balm) it might be something in my list. if it's something like the Baby lips from Maybelline, I'll probably skip it.

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