eco friendly beauty products, o'right shampoo, o'right haircare
O’Right Hair Care*
Ever since I’ve started blogging about beauty, I have tried my very best to make the majority of the beauty products I write about come from natural, organic, eco, or cruelty free brands. The latest eco-friendly offering comes from a brand called O’Right. I know that shampoo isn’t the most exciting thing to read about but this brand is doing such a good thing, I wanted to write about them. So here’s more about O’Right and what they do.
Who are O’Right?
O’Right, launched in 2002, is a brand that is truly passionate about producing natural and green beauty products. From reading the origin of O’Right, I have learnt that the founder, Steven Ko, set himself the mission to evolve the company in to a green brand following the sad loss of both his parents to cancer and kidney disease. Learning about the background of O’Right, I genuinely believe that this is a brand who’s not extremely passionate about sustaining our environment, but to do something to help people stay away from potentially harmful chemicals.
What do O’Right do?
They make eco friendly shampoo made from a high concentration of organic and natural ingredients. They products are high performance, salon quality hair care from shampoos to styling products. They hair care products are free from unnecessary additives such parabens, formaldeyhde, colourants, phthalates and SLS to name a few. There’s also an increase in certified organic ingredients which naturally foams and cleanses. O’Right have a unique selling point in that some of their packaging is made 100% biodegradable materials. These are labelled as “Tree In The Bottle” such as the Green Tea Shampoo and Golden Rose Colour Care Shampoo and what that means is that they can be buried in soil with proper conditions and it will decompose into compost within a year and return the nutrients back to nature. There are seeds embedded in to the bottle for it to grown in to a tree!
O’Right’s paper packaging also that grows in to a plant too! Each of the paper packaging is embedded with a piece of hand made seed paper made from water bamboo. The ink they use for the packaging is soy ink and is non-toxic to the environment.  
eco friendly beauty products, o'right shampoo, o'right haircare
My thoughts on the performance:
I was sent the Goji Berry shampoo and conditioner which are formulated to add strength and volume to your hair. I didn’t know what to expect when I was told that about them and asked if I’d like to try it, but when I got the products through the post, I was surprised at how cool the packaging looks, (they look like wine bottles) proving eco products packaging can look modern and stylish!
The shampoo bottle is a “Tree In The Bottle” so it’s one that can be buried and grown in to a tree and I can see the seeds at the base of the bottle! The Goji Berry set is suitable for fine, limp hair, which I don’t have. I’ve got thick, coarse hair which can easily be pumped up for volume. However, in terms of performance, the shampoo and conditioner gently cleanses hair and scalp. Whenever I try a new shampoo, I never know how much to use so I often use far too much and end up with build-up. You definitely only need to work a small amount of this shampoo in to your hair and lather up with plenty of water. The consistency is a lot runnier than any shampoo I’ve ever used (neither good or a bad thing, just an observation!) and the scent of it reminds me of the smell you get when you first walk in to the hair salon.
Prices start at £7.25 for 100ml bottles and is available at Harvey Nichols or the O’Right website.
Want to win a set of O’Right hair care?
eco friendly beauty products, o'right shampoo, o'right haircare
Of course you do! I’m excited to tell you all that the lovely people at O’Right are offering one of my blog readers the chance to win a set of the hair care worth over £100! I’m really excited about this one because I want more people to know how amazing this brand is!
To enter, please go to my Facebook page and follow the instructions which will be on my FB page timeline!
The giveaway ends on 23rd Nov at midnight. Winner announced on 24th November. This is open to UK residents only.
Competition is for the product shown above and detailed above in this blogpost. Entries must be made via Facebook. Entries are moderated so please ensure that adhere to the giveaway entry terms. We reserve the rights to amend or withdraw offers at any time. No cash alternatives are available. Free prize draw, no purchase necessary. Giveaway will end on 23rd November 2014 at 23:59. One winner will be selected at random after the closing date to receiving the full set shown in photo. I will contact the winner via Facebook after closing date. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery. A new winner will be selected if we do not receive a respond within 3 working days. This giveaway is open to UK residents only.
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7 thoughts on “The Most Eco-Friendly Shampoo | O’Right Hair Care

  1. These products are O'Right up my street ;o) ( sorry couldn't help it).
    I'm a huge fan of natural, healthy hair products especially after ready how damaging many shampoo and conditioners can be. I used to worry so much about the appearance of my hair and now I just wish for it to be as healthy and strong as possible. Love the fact that you can plant these. I purely want to win the comp to see it happen :o) xx

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