blushers for asian skintone, blush for asian skin tone
There was a time when I would buy one blusher shade which is a peachy brown as I never liked my cheeks to have such a rosy glow but this year took a ‘cheeky’ turn as I have been experimenting with different blusher shades that suit my asian skintone. 
At the moment, my collection is not a large one but I have a few powders, a couple of creams and a few bottles of liquid cheek tints. Here are my favourite ones at the moment:

blushers for warm skintone, blushers for yellow skin tone, blushers
See anything you like the look of? I’ve actually reviewed a few of these already so I’ll link them if you want to click though to read the full post and view some swatches. I’m not going to include swatches in this post as it would have made it image-heavy but if any of you want to see any, pop an email or tweet over and I’ll get back to you with pics – that’s what I’m here for!!
My Favourite Daytime Blushers
benefit blushers, benefit box o' powder, benefit sugarbomb, hoola blush
Benefit sugarbomb, benefit hoola
Sugarbomb, £23.50
Hoola, £23.50
Both of these Benefit Cosmetics Box o’ Powder blushes have been long time favourites of mine and I’ve repurchased them three times now! As you can tell, these are the type of peachy/brown shades I used to only go for as it blends in really naturally with my skin tone. It doesn’t give me flushed cheeks but it does still add a bit of colour to my face. 
Sugarbomb is such a subtle blusher. There’s four shades in there but swirl the whole brush in there and sweep it over the apples of your cheeks which results to a natural and soft peachy pink. If you don’t like heavy shades of blushers, I recommend Benefit’s Sugarbomb, it’s a fab choice for the day time. It does have a slight shimmer to it which adds a nice glow to your complexion.
Another familiar powder… Benefit’s Hoola! When I was younger, I actually used bronzer a blusher (anyone else? Or was that just me?!) and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, it looks really nice over highlighter like High Beam! Benefit’s Hoola is technically a bronzer which works great as a contour powder or, as it has a matte finish and can be used all over your face for a tanned look. You can read my full review on Benefit Hoola here.
My Favourite Pink Blushers
pink blushers for asian skintone
NARS blusher, £22.95
This blusher is the first time I’ve tried NARS make-up, and it’s also the first pink I have used! It’s limited edition which I’m sad about because it’s a beautiful shade and I won’t be able to repurchase when I’ve used this up. I’m going to have to look for a dupe, so if anyone knows of you, let me know! I blogged about this NARS blusher here and this is the one I’m wearing in the first pic.
The next one is a bonus product I got in Glossybox, a pink with a blue undertone. I normally find the bonus products in Glossybox a bit naff but this blusher’s a winner! The cool-toned pink complements well with warm-toned skin. As I won’t be able to repurchase this exact product, I’ve already found a dupe and closest shade for this is the MAC Dame so I reckon that’s going to be next make-up purchase!
Cheek Tint and “Chubby Sticks”
benefit lollitint, sexy mother blusher soap and glory
Lollitint, £24.50
I find these types of blushers quite challenging to apply and it takes a bit of practise but once you’ve got the hang of it, the results are fab! Benefit’s cheek and lip tints leave a colour stain on your skin which lasts a lot longer than powder blushes. I’ve tried all of the cheek and lip tints from the Benefit Cosmetics range apart from Cha-Cha Tint and I really like them!
Lollitint is a cool-toned pink and it goes on to skin really lightly so don’t worry, it won’t make your cheeks bright pink the first time. It’s a buildable colour, so you can apply a couple of layers for a brighter look. I blogged about Benefit’s Lollitint back in January, so go and check that out if you’d like to know a bit more.
One of the biggest beauty trends this year has been the “chubby stick”. As hyped up as they have been. I haven’t got round to trying the original Chubby Stick by Clinique, but I have been testing out some of the cheaper versions that the high street has got to offer. Sexy Mother Blusher from Soap&Glory retails at £9.00 in Boots so if you don’t want to splash out on a high end one, this may be the perfect alternative. It’s easy to use, got a good amount of pigment in it and leaves a nice, consistent colour on your skin. I have it in the shade Pinker Belle which is a coral pink.
My Favourite Cream Blusher
benefit cosmetics majorette, majorette blusher
Majorette, £23.50
Last but not least, I present to you Majorette! This is the blusher I’ve been using a lot lately, so it’s not looking it’s best but if you want to see how pretty it was in it’s original state, check out my review on Benefit Cosmetics Majorette! It’s SO pretty! The packaging reminds me of the old Polly Pocket toys, it’s really cute and girly. 
The actual blush itself is so good, and I’d go as far as saying that it’s the best cream blusher I have ever used because of how easy it is to apply. I find that patting the cream lightly in a circular motion gives you the perfect blusher shape on your cheeks and you can build the colour up if you wanted to. With it’s cream-to-powder finish, it leaves a peachy, matte colour to your cheeks. It smells like peach and pomegranate too! I LOVE this blusher and recommend anyone to try it next time they’re at the Benefit counter!
What is your favourite blusher at the moment? 
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14 thoughts on “7 Of My Favourite Blushers

  1. Sugarbomb and hoola are both amazing <3
    That nars shade is so pretty ! so sad that it's a limited edition. And I'll be getting two of those S&P Sexy Mother bluhsers during Christmas this year :3 I'm so excited <3
    Take care*

  2. I love blushers and probably have about as many as you do::: I quite like cream ones to sometimes but prefer powder::: I really want to try the Benefit Majorette one as well that looks so pretty


  3. Knowing we've got a slight tone overlap, I really recommend you try Cha-Cha Tint! It's my favourite everyday blusher, I find most pinks too blue, but although this goes on orange it dries pink on my skin and is such a beautiful shade. And you're right, doesn't budge all day! It's single-handedly converted me to blusher! CC x

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