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Love Me Beauty – September 2014
Love Me Beauty has gone through a big change! If you are familiar with these types of beauty boxes, you’ll know that each month you’ll receive 5 samples chosen at random (because no matter how much they tell you that the boxes are tailored to your requirements… it’s going to be a big task to carry out) but Love Me Beauty has changed all of that!
This has always been a beauty sample box which offers transparency, and now their concept has changed once again so that you’re in total control of the contents you receive because they’ll be chosen by you. This makes the customers satisfied, as well as making readers of these types of blog content happy because each unboxing/review is going to vary. 
When you sign up with Love Me Beauty via the website, you are given 6 points. Using those points, you can pick the items that are available for that month from a boutique style “shop”. There was loads to choose from when I had a look for the September selection. With the points I had, I was able to pick 4 items. Some items “cost” one point so it’s possible to spend it on 6 products. (It isn’t as complicated as I’m making it sound, I promise!). 
The beauty products that I picked out are the following:
Percy&Reed Shine and Fragrance Spray (travel size)
The packaging design is so pretty, I love the illustrated floral pattern! When I saw this in the box, I forgot what it was and I was using it like dry shampoo! I sprayed it in to my roots and ended up with really oily, shiny, greasy-looking hair. Then I actually read the packaging and reminded myself that it is indeed a hair fragrance spray, and not dry shampoo! It’s not something I would usually think to buy because when my hair is dirty, I’ll just wash it but actually, this fragrance spray is a handy item to have in your bag when you’re sleeping over at a friend’s house after a night out and it’s the perfect travel size too. It smells nice and as it adds shine to hair, don’t use it on your roots.
Malin+Goetz Grapefuit Face Cleanser (sample size)
Another face cleanser to add to my growing collection! I looove them and can’t seem to get enough of them sowhen I saw this on the website, I popped it into the basket! As I have so many cleansers to go through at the moment (whilst trying to stick to my favourite, Liz Earle Cleanse&Polish), I haven’t actually opened this little tube of grapefruity goodness yet! It is a sample sized so will be great for when I am travelling – it won’t take up too much space in my wash bag!
Anatomicals “Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer” (full size)
Anatomicals are a cheeky lot, aren’t they? This eye mask filled with safe gel can be used hot or cold (of course, not boiling nor frozen!) and as I suffer from hayfever at certain times of the year, I like to keep a couple of these around! They will always come in use! I’ve never used them warm before so I’ll be giving that a go in the next couple of days!
Oriflame Cooling Shower Mousse (full size)
I have tried a few Oriflame products in the past few months and so I was keen to give this cooling shower mousse a go! I like any kind of shower and bath products as long as they are not messy, and kind to skin. The cooling mousse doesn’t bubble up upon application but it still cleanses skin just as well. Also, if you’re ever worried about a slippery shower, then this product is for you as the mousse stays on skin and doesn’t drip down to the floor. Possibly a nice one to use during Summer too as it’s got a cooling properties.
If you’re interested in giving Love Me Beauty a go, sign up and follow the instructions and enjoy recieving products that you’re genuinely interested in!
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6 thoughts on “Love Me Beauty – September 2014 Edition

  1. This is a really interesting idea…something different! I still like the surprise of not knowing what you're going to get as it makes me try new things. Equally I'd love to pick my own in a different box!

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