Don’t these look pretty?! I had fun photographing these Lenor Unstoppables! But how to use Lenor Unstoppables and what are they?! I’ve been intrigued by this new in-wash laundry product!
how to keep clothes smelling fresh,
Even after seeing the advert on TV, I wasn’t clear how to use Lenor Unstoppables or what they even are.
It turns out that Lenor Unstoppables are SO EASY to use. But first, let me tell you what they are….
What are Lenor Unstoppables?
In short, these little pastel beads are like perfume for your clothes. As they have no cleansing properties in them, you still need to add your usual detergent and fabric softener, but Lenor Unstoppables are essentially an in-wash scent booster which last on your clothes for up to 12 weeks. They keep your clothes smelling nice and fresh!
I don’t necessarily think they are anΒ essential household item, but they are set to become a popular laundry product! Due to the price per bottle (around Β£6 each at supermarkets like Tesco, but can sometimes be found at retailers like Wilko for half price), I wouldn’t necessarily use them in every single wash, but I do think they are perfect for towels, bed linen, sportswear, and little things like socks, so when you pull them out of storage weeks after, you’ll still get that fresh laundry smell!
lenor unstoppables, what are lenor unstoppables
lenor unstoppables
It comes in three scents. The pink beads are made up of red berries, cherries, peach and white jasmine. The blue one is a watery blend of soapy elements, minerals, and lily with sparkling oceanic green top notes. The gold one is a creamy fragrance of peach and red roses.
How to use Lenor Unstoppables?
You simply fill the cap up with your favourite scent (or mix the scents up to create your own!). Throw the beads directly into the drum of the washing machine and then add your wash load in. That’s it.
You can personalise the intensity of the scent to suit you, so you can add half a capful for a more subtle fragrance, or for a stronger scent, put three capfuls to achieve a stronger scent. I mean, three is quite extreme – that’s almost half a bottle.
Not only is Lenor Unstoppables a very versatile laundry product, it’s also innovative and convenient. The beads dissolve during the wash cycle and the scent is infused in to the fibres of the fabric. It is safe to use for all colours and fabrics.
Lenor Unstoppables retails from Β£6 per bottle – but do check out the likes of Wilko for occasional half-price offers!
lenor unstoppables, Perfume for your washing to keep your clothes smelling fresh!
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36 thoughts on “How To Use Lenor Unstoppables

  1. Fab giveaway! The moment I saw the advert on TV I was intrigued as to how these worked and actually if they worked! They sound great and anything that could keep my towels and socks smelling fresher for longer when in the cupboard is a plus!

    If I could create a scent it would have to be something like strawberry and vanilla, a soft sweet scent

    Peach Pow XO

  2. I would probably create some kind of lemon scent – not that my boyfriend would appreciate it, he's always moaning that his clothes smell funny – ie they smell clean and fresh!!

  3. I wasn't really sure what these were either, but I love the idea of my sheets and towels being fresh even when they've been stored on rotations or for things like coats or jackets or cardigans which I wash a little less frequently. If I could create my own, well I'm currently having a thing for infused water since my new office does a different one each day and my favourite is raspberry, cucumber and mint- such a beautiful scent and SO clean.

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