l'artisan parfumeur sale, coeur de sacre perfume, poivre piquant perfume
l'artisan parfumeur sale, coeur de sacre perfume, poivre piquant perfume
l'artisan perfumeur l'atuomne candle
L’Artisan Parfumeur* – DISCOUNT SALE on Vente Privee
L’Artisan Parfumeur is a brand that oozes pure luxury so when Vente Privee asked if I would like to try a selection of L’Artisan Parfumeur, I jumped at the chance! There is a huge sale L’Artisan Parfumeur on Vente Privee from 26th October to the 31st October with P&P only £5.00. Up to 65% off, it’s definitely worth having a look at what you can pick up for Christmas! Meanwhile, I was sent two unisex perfumes and a gorgeous candle to try!
Coeur De Vetiver Sacre Eau De Toilette (RRP £55. Vente Privee flash sale price £25)
I usually like my perfumes to be light and fruity so I get worried when I see perfume that is dark in colour because I associate it with a mature, rich, woody scent. Coeur De Vetiver Sacre is actually a really pretty fragrance with the dry down smelling warm and gingery. It’s opening fragrance is woody at first but it’s not overly strong. The base is a smokey vetiver with a top note of orange, bergamot, tarragon, pink pepper, grapefruit and ginger – and the spice of ginger really comes through and stays with you. The heart notes are dried apricot, black tea, coriander, musk, sandalwood, amber and vanilla. 
Poivre Piquant Eau De Toilette (RRP £70. Vente Privee flash sale price £25)
Visually, this looks more like my kind of thing. It’s a thinner, taller bottle than Coeur De Vetiver, with a lighter coloured perfume in. Even though it says on site that this is a men’s perfume, I think it’s actually unisex and Poivre Piquant is definitely geared towards the feminine scent. The opening fragrance is definitely peppercorns, it’s the first smell that hits you and then that fades into a beautiful silky, powdery sweet floral scent with notes of milk, liquorice and honey. It’s definitely a sweeter perfume than Coeur De Sacre, Poivre Piquant is my favourite out of the two.
L’Automne Candle
“Recreate in your own home this special muffled atmosphere, where leaves on the ground soften the sound of footsteps. The air is getting fresher and more humid, the light is getting paler, comforting as the wind picks up.”
That’s the official blurb for this Autumn candle. The fragrance doesn’t strike me as Autumnal at first but the notes are caramel, chestnuts, blackberry and cedar. The overall smell is not as sweet as you’d think but I can definitely smell the caramel in it and it’s lovely! The vessel design is handmade by ceramicist and it’s a beautiful, stylish silver with a rustic finish. I’ve got a lot of candles but none of them as shiny and fancy as this! I don’t think it’s a soy wax candle but I’ll reserve this one for special occasions only. L’Artisan Candles are at a 50% discount on Vente Privee, so definitely worth having have a browse!
L’Artisan Parfumeur products are having a sale on Vente Privee, which is good timing for Christmas! So head on over there and see what lovely goodies you can bag! 
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