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Here’s what’s hot right now! Quirky statement bags! Now, novelty bags has been around for years, it’s not a new thing at all but because it has been all over the catwalk this year, everyone’s going mad for them! Some may think it’s tacky… and truth be told, I think that’s the whole point, but I’d prefer to use the word ‘kitsch’ rather than tacky. But potato, potahto! Certainly, in a society where fashion takes itself far too seriously, it’s these quirky accessories designs that takes the edge off a bit. I interned at an accessory company who created and sold designs like this and it was honestly the best place to work in the entire world! So I can only imagine how fun it must be to design these bags! I saw the Moschino fast food accessories in Selfridges a couple of weeks ago and obviously, it’s something I can only admire through the glass display but this particular collection stuck out like a sore thumb…in a good way! I spotted it while I was on the escalators and thought “ooh, I MUST check that out!”
Having spent an hour doing a bit of virtual window shopping, I found a bunch of high street version of fun, novelty bags. After having a crappy, miserable day, finding these quirky accessories on the shopping sites picked up my mood (I am a simple being!) so I thought I’d gather my favourite ones and put them in to a blogpost for you! Here are some budget-friendly options!
quirky bags, novelty bags, quirky accessories
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17 thoughts on “Designer VS High Street: Quirky, Novelty Bags

  1. I'm really torn over these – they look cute, but I just can't ever imagine wearing (or paying that much for) them! I could possibly be swayed by the New Look donut bag though…

  2. I have to agree with some that the fast-food novelty handbags are a little tacky (or kitsch!), but they do have a certain appeal. Personally, I like the high street versions better, especially the cassette hand bag!

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