Forget EOS, there’s a new lip balm to obsess about! Actually, Crazy Rumors isn’t a new brand and I haven’t only just discovered them but as you can guess from the spelling, they’re an American company who are fairly new to the UK market.
Crazy Rumors lip balm review, crazy rumours lip balm UK

All Natural & Vegan Crazy Rumor Lip Balms

UK stockist: Holland & Barrett, £3.50 each
I recently purchased two new balms to add to my collection and I absolutely love them! You can buy them from several online stores in the UK, and of course, via their own online shop which is based in the us (so beware of potentially pricy postage cost.). But as far as I know, the only physical shop in the UK that stocks a limited selection of Crazy Rumors is Holland & Barrett.
If you’re in to lip balms (and let’s face it, who isn’t! Who wants the irritation that dry, sore, chapped lips can cause!) then you must check out Crazy Rumors!I haven’t counted – because they are scattered all over the place – but I reckon I have about 20 lip balm sticks hiding in my bedroom, in pockets, and in my bags. I have to carry one wherever I go! But Crazy Rumors are my new favourite!

Crazy Rumors bubblegum lip balm review, crazy rumours lip balm UK
The first one I got was back in December, a very seasonal appropriate Gingerbread “flavour”! Crazy Rumors really do the most delicious-smelling lip balms and as well as being made from 100% natural ingredients, the extensive range of fun flavours is what keeps me interested.
The collections includes desserts, teas, coffees, ice creams, fruity, candy, bubblegums, candy canes, sodas and seasonal. Crazy Rumors are like the Yankee Candle of the beauty world in terms of creating fun and authentic scents that resembles the real thing! I just can’t tell you how much you all need to go and have a sniff, ha! 
There’s so much to pick from and I’ve been tempted to buy the pistachio, candy corn, red velvet, amaretto and black cherry but I don’t think there’s one I wouldn’t like! 
Crazy Rumors COLA lip balm review, crazy rumours lip balm UK
It is rare that I’ll use an entire lip balm until there’s none left but when my Crazy Rumor gingerbread one ran out, I was literally extracting the tiny bit that’s left in the plastic base! When I finally got to Holland & Barrett, I bought two new ones without hesitation.
They weren’t stocked in my local store and they’re not widely available as of yet, so I had to buy them when I came across a larger branch of Holland & Barrett, and although they didn’t have the full range, I picked the two I liked the most, Cola and Bubblegum! I can confirm that they both smell delicious!!
The texture of it is buttery and creamy, and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable sticky or tacky on lips. It contains a nourishing blend of shea butter, macademia oil and jojoba. It doesn’t dry my lips out (some balms I’ve used in the past have made my lips feel more chapped and I’ve had to throw them out) and as mentioned, they’re 100% natural, cruelty-free and suitable for vegans! Most certainly not bad for £3.50! Not bad at all!
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20 thoughts on “All Natural & Vegan Crazy Rumor Lip Balms

  1. I remember reviewing some of these back when I first started my blog, years ago! I love them and I was super excited to see them in Holland & Barrett the other day!

  2. I was looking these up as soon as you mentioned them on Instagram, I think they'd make prefect little stocking fillers for Christmas (yes I'm talking about Christmas already!). I'm really hopeful that the nice new Holland & Barratt in Newcastle might have some, I'm going to go and hunt them out at the weekend.

    Chloe x

  3. I always see these on the counter of holland and barrett, definitely have to go and get the gingerbread one! xx

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