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For a few months, I have been trying out some skincare products from Claudia Louch who is a natural holistic skincare specialist. Claudia Louch’s range of products help those with skin condition, so they’re more of a treatment than your usual skincare. At her Harley Street clinic in London, she offers consultations and creates bespoke treatments for each patient, so if you have any skin concerns, Claudia is a specialist who really knows her stuff.
In addition to the services that the clinic offers, there’s also a skincare range that you can try at the comfort of your own home. All of the products in Claudia Louch’s range are made from natural ingredients, and does not contain parabens or SLS. They are also non-comedegenic which means the substance does not block pores. Here’s how I got on with these three skincare products this past couple of months:
claudia louch botanical cleansing lotion review
Claudia Louch Botanical Cleansing Lotion* (£37.40)
You know me, I’m an absolute huge fan of cleansers of all types, mainly creams and lotions but I’m not at all fussy as long as it doesn’t strip my skin or cause a bad reaction. This Botanical Cleansing Lotion comes in a huge 240ml tube for £37.40 and because of the size, I initially thought you could use generously, so I squeezed a 50pence sized amount on to my hand and applied it to my face. Afterwards, my skin felt tight and extremely dry, and I knew something wasn’t right so I had to stop using it for a few days as I tried to rectify the dryness that the cleanser had caused. I realised I had used far too much of the rich formula and too much of a good thing won’t be good for long, as Sam Smith says! You literally only need a pea-sized amount for a gentle cleanse, and it’s more than enough for it to be effective.
The key ingredients are coconut, sugar beets, chamomile, aloe vera, cucumber and japanese green tea. All of these ingredients in this botanical cleansing lotion are formulated to cleanse, tighten and soothe. Even after using a small amount, I find my skin on the dry side (of course, not as dry as when I used a big blob of the cleanser!) so I will reserve this on the days my skin plays up. Every month, I get oily skin on the odd day or two and when I do, I’ll have this cleanser to save the day! If your skin is prone to oil, I recommend this as it seems to just absorb without stripping.
claudia louch mineral mud mask review
Claudia Louch Mineral Mud Mask* (£52.50)
Although mud and clay masks are quite hit and miss for me, they are quite ideal because I can apply it, wait a couple of minutes for it to dry and then pop my glasses back on and get on with life! I can’t do this with gel and cream masks because, of course, the consistencies of these means they don’t ever set so I can’t wear my specs… which isn’t so convenient for me because I can’t see without them. All I can do is lie in my bed or sit on the sofa and go on Buzzfeed, or something! But I’m keen on mud masks, they are ideal for me and this one from Claudia Louch has worked wonders! 
Applying only a thin later over my face with a brush, the arctic mineral mud mix tones and detoxifies skin, leaving it to feel smooth, firm and free from impurities. It also shrinks pores, but I can’t say that I have noticed a huge difference in that area. There is a tightness when the mask sets completely but that’s nothing to be alarmed about because that’s normal for mud masks. It is expensive but looking at my collection of face masks, £40-£50 is around the price I normally pay for a face mask. My general thoughts on splurging on masks is that they’re supposed to be a little indulgent and a bit of a treat for your skin, and when it comes to a product that settles and sinks in to the deeper layers of my skin, I’m going to try and splash out.
claudia louch jojoba day moisturiser review 
Claudia Louch Jojoba Day Moisturiser* (£52.50)
I may have got cleansers, scrubs and face masks down – I know what works and what I need to stay away from – but when it comes to moisturisers, I go in blind. Get it right and I’ve got smooth, flawless skin. But get it wrong and I’ll be paying for it for a few days! I’m very much still in an experimental phase with face moisturisers and I am really careful with which ones I choose to use. I do have a favourite but I want to opt for something with more natural ingredients in and less synthetics. So along came this Jojoba moisturiser which is 94% natural.
This is actually the second Claudia Louch moisturiser that I’ve tried the previous one being the Hydrating Mango Day Cream which I really love but I couldn’t use that on a daily basis because of how oily it can make my skin if I used too much of it (after all, the Mango Day is a hydrating formula made specifically for dry skin). The Jojoba Day Cream suits my skin a lot more and it is one that I apply every day (can’t live without it at the moment!) Jojoba oil is an anti-inflammatory, which helps to dissolve excess sebum which can block pores and cause breakouts. This face cream makes my skin feel hydrated, protected and soft, and I think I’ve found a moisturiser that can stay in my skincare routine (for now!).
All three of these are available in the Claudia Louch shop. Delivery to the UK is free of charge.

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