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Organic Surge Body Butter // Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash // UniqOne Coconut // pH Advantage Most Moisture Face Mask // swell Dry Shampoo
Instead of a ‘Monthly Favourites’ this month, I decided to mix things up! Here are a few beauty products that I’ve been using this month, the five are picked at random. Which ones have I been loving and which ones haven’t met expectations?…

I love a good body butter and the Organic Surge Super Rich Body Butter is exactly that! There are no surprises here, it’s thick and rich with a gentle lavender scent which matches the purple packaging. The tub comes in a cardboard outer packaging which makes it nice if you want to buy a body butter as a present to someone. It looks great and it will be easy to wrap! This body butter is made of 98.5% natural ingredients, 55% of which are from organic farming. It contains cocoa and shea butter, natural beeswax, and lavender essential oil. It’s suitable for vegetarians.

Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash – £5.95

I’ve experimented with gel based cleansers and face washes before and they tend to be quite drying on my skin but I’ve been getting on so well with Organic Surge products lately, I really wanted to see how their facial wash. This comes in a very generous 200ml bottle and on the packaging, it actually states that the gel will wash away dirt and impurities without drying out skin – so far, so good! A face wash is quite a nice product to use before you cleanse and for me, it elminates the process of double-cleansing on days where I have really heavy of make-up on! 
I use a small 5p sized blob of this and apply to wet skin which lathers up nicely. I still use a cleanser afterwards but it makes a nice, gentle make-up remover. Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash does not contain SLS, parabens or synthetic fragrances. It has a lovely floral scent of rose geranium and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

UniqOne Coconut from HairTrade – £14.25

This one’s a bit of a funny one because I’m not 100% loving it but I have been using it A LOT, because it’s the only heat protector I’ve got at the moment and as I blow-dry, curl and straighten my hair quite often, it’s extremely handy to have a product like this so that your hair doesn’t fry and fall out. 
It’s not a bad product but a slight niggling of mine is that this spray claims to do to a lot of things and I was intrigued to find out whether it’s as good as they say! On the front of the bottle, it states that the ten benefits of this product and they are: repairs dry and damaged hair, controls fizz, protects from heat, adds silkiness and smoothness, can be used on dyed hair, easier brushing and ironing, detangles, long-lasting hairstyle, split end prevention, adds body (volume). If I’m honest, when I was reading through the list, a couple of them sounded the same but worded differently like the repairs damage /split end prevention, the control of fizz/adds smoothness, easier brushing/detangles. There isn’t any mention of the word “condition” so I don’t think it’s conditions your hair as much as you’d assume (perhaps I’m reading too much in to it) but it is indeed a treatment in that does from heat. 
Nevertheless, I don’t have a heat protector or detangles so this came at a perfect time, and I have been using it a lot this month. I don’t think it’s something I would necessarily purchase as I believe there’s a better option out there for that price but I don’t dislike the UniqOne Coconut, and it didn’t have an adverse effect on my hair; In fact, UniqOne Coconut detangled my hair making it soft and smell nice, but I just have high expectations when something claims to do so many things and I find myself being a bit cynical about it! 
It’s not a watery substance so I find it easier to spritz a bit of it on my hand and apply to damp hair and style as usual, I think that’s the key for an even distribution. Don’t spray and leave in otherwise your hair will go crispy until it’s brushed out. It has a nice coconut aroma and but there’s no coconut oil or extract in the products – I may be wrong – but I’ve looked up the scientific term for coconuts which is Cocos Nucifera and that isn’t listed in the ingredients. There is no Cocos listed in the ingredients there in any form.

pH Advantage Most Moisture Face Mask – £50.00

As someone who doesn’t drink enough water throughout the day, my skin can sometimes feel quite dehydrated so a face mask that’s labelled ‘Most Moisture’ is going to be the one for me! It contains hyaluronic acid – which we all know by now is a super ingredient that keeps skin hydrated and plump. There’s also aloe vera gel in the mask which has so many benefits but is particularly great for soothing dry skin. I love face masks and use it twice a week without fail. Sometimes I switch to a different one if my skin is suffering from a different problem (dryness, dullness, etc) and this one from pH Advantage Most Moisture Mask is obviously for when my skin needs a boost of moisture.

Swell Dry Shampoo – £20.00

Dry shampoo is every girl’s beauty essentials and our can of Batiste is a little lifesaver, right? So is £20 too pricy for a product like this? Initially, it might appear to be but the Swell Ultimate Dry Shampoo is definitely an upgrade. It’s like the difference between a porsche and a VW Polo, both gets you from A to B, but once you’ve had a taste of the Porsche, you’re inevitably going to feel a bit ‘meh’ about going back to your Polo. (Ha, I think I’ve spent too long typing this post…I may have gone a bit doolally! Bear with me!) But that’s how I feel about this dry shampoo. I know I don’t really need something so fancy but it just feels so much nicer and I know it’s fickle but it really emphasises how cheap Batiste is (in price, and how it performs).
With Swell, you don’t get that strong blast of white chalkiness (handy for me, as I have dark hair). It’s a pump as opposed to an aerosol, so it goes on to your hand and you massage in into the scalp or run it through the length of your hair. The powder just dissolves and dissapears without much massage effort, it seems to soak more of the oils up and there isn’t a strong smell like Batiste either. It lifts your hair and makes it feel less heavy too. I’m not about to give up Batiste but the Swell Dry Shampoo is rather awesome and it could be something I add to Christmas/Birthday list! 

Would love to know what product you’ve been loving lately!

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