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Scarborough beach, coastal towns, seaside town, british seaside
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Whilst I have mastered taking photos of small objects and beauty products, I need a lot of practise when capturing the great outdoor! I don’t have the greatest of confidence when it comes to taking outdoors photos, it’s kind of overwhelming but I love nothing more than to take my camera out with me and snap away. And I did just that when I visited Scarborough at the weekend. 
As you can see, the weather was so amazing. The sun came out, the big coats came off and it just felt like a calm Summer’s day! We had lunch followed by an strawberry ice cream sundae, and then decided to hop on an open-top bus! I love chilled days like this, especially as the month has been so hectic and I’ve been power-walking all over the place lately.
Below are some pics that I took off my phone (and then brightened/added filters using AfterLight app which is well worth getting! I have written about here on my Blogging Tips Photo Editing blogpost) 
Enjoy the photos! x
editing photos on phone, ferris wheel
scarborough sea, coastal town, british coast
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harbour bar, ice cream sundae, strawberry ice cream sundae, scarborough harbour bar
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18 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Scarborough

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this 🙂 For someone who doesn't take a lot of out and about photos these are seriously beautiful!

    I've not made it to Scarborough yet, we've made it to Whitby but Scarborough is still on the list! I need to get myself to the ice cream parlour!

    Chloe x

  2. This post brings back so many wonderful memories! I visited Scarborough a lot when I was younger as my grandparents friends live near there, and we always had the best time! Your photography is so dang dreamy too Sarah, just beautiful x


  3. Oh I love Scarborough! I used to spend every holiday there (or France – big difference!) as a child, so it's full of memories for me. I can't believe you went to Alonzi's – their chocolate sundae was so good! I must go back at some point, but a five hour drive just won't be happening any time soon…
    Beth x

  4. What a pretty spot – all of the colours (and the ferris wheel, of course) make Scarborough look just magical! And as for your photos, I think maybe your confidence hasn't quite caught up to your skills yet, because these shots are gorgeous 🙂

  5. I'm the same with taking photos of the outside. I find it such a challenge. Also I find taking photos of the home hard as well 😛 I suppose there's just so much to include!

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

  6. It certainly doesn't look like you haven't mastered outdoor photos – the colours you've picked out make Scarborough look amazing!

    I think these are my favourite type of posts to read and do myself 🙂

    Smaz Say

    Sarah xx

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