primark pink coat, primark autumn winter 2014
primark a/w lookbook
primark autumn winter 2014
primark coat, primark autumn winter 2014
primark a/w lookbook
Primark Autumn/Winter 2014 Range

Bloggers, YouTubers and social media have changed the meaning of the word ‘lookbook’ but to me, it will always mean that exclusive, beautifully bound book that lands on the desk of a fashion editor or buyer. These days, with the rise of Internet and a consumer’s increasing thirst for more information, lookbooks are also revealed to customers and even used as a marketing tool. I think that’s great because for me, I love learning about how designers or brands come up with ideas and what the story is behind their collections. It also has the power to elevates the brand in to a totally different light.
Take Primark for example, they are one of those companies who uses a lookbook to strengthen their brand not only to editors and buyers but to us, the average joe! Hurrah! Their newest collection presented so perfectly, seeing how the pro’s have styled their budget brand really makes you want the clothes more. Call me a sucker but their ability to make their clothes look expensive, stylish and chic has hooked me right in and it has done for some time! It’s like the whole brand has been packaged differently and I kinda like it!
Their Autumn/Winter lookbook is very earthy but still quite fresh. It’s like a breath of fresh air on a crisp Autumn’s day – although admittedly, I’ve never been as fashionable as this on a walk in the countryside! 
So what else can we expect from Primark this A/W? There will be boxy 80’s shapes, 60’s silhouettes, Nordic prints and Slavic Folklore. I’ve already picked out my favourite pieces from the new collection which you can view here (but I’ve got a funny feeling I’ll be adding more to my wishlist in the next few weeks!) PRIMARK! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
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18 thoughts on “LOOKBOOK | Primark A/W 2014

  1. Wow. This look book in incredibly strong and for a moment there couldn't quite believe it was Primark. I love autumn/winter look books and the different styles they take on. I'm so glad they've become more public than sat on an editors desk. Inspiring! x

  2. I never heard of a "lookbook" until I entered the blogging world. I guess that just goes to show how everything, even fashions, spreads faster on the internet to reach a more general audience.

  3. Primark really seem to be upping their game recently, this lookbook paired with their new collection highlight that even more! x

  4. Funny, my first thought was 'wow, it actually looks expensive!' Which of course, it's not, but the lookbook does a brilliant job of presenting it that way. 😛 I really loved the pieces you picked out in your other post, I'm definitely considering picking up a couple of items on my next shopping trip! xx

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