When I said I wanted to re-decorate, I didn’t consider the bathroom to be the first room on my list to sort out! It’s not the most exciting room in the flat but it’s the easiest to sort out and now I’ve got it ticked off my list! 
Our bathroom is quite small (scroll down to to see the photo) so clutter is created very quickly – especially with the amount of skincare and bath products I’ve got! It can get a bit out of hand with the little cupboard (the only storage we have in this room) bursting with my large collection of potions and lotions!
We gave the wall a fresh lick of paint but that didn’t take long as there’s only a small section that needed painting, the rest of the room is tiled. The main task in hand was to go through the clutter and decide what beauty products I wanted to keep and what needed to be thrown away. 
diptyque candle
Aesop beauty products

Quick Tips & Tricks: Transforming My Bathroom

After sorting through my collection of stuff, I decided to keep things minimal. Previously, I had pastel coloured towels and accessories in there but it actually made the space look smaller. With such a small space to work with, there wasn’t much to play around with but I liked the idea of re-creating the feeling of a hotel bathroom so I used matching colours and got the posh toiletries out!
I also liked this idea for when I have friends visiting or guests staying over to make the bathroom look nice and fancy. Afterall, the first thing you do when you go to a hotel is check out the bathroom and look at the little details like shiny taps, spotless mirror, and luxury toiletries. 

the white company towels, white towels for bathroom
the white company towels, white towels for bathroom
diptyque candle
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Ditching the Primark towels (which I had in a mish-mash of colours – pink, green AND purple!) and replacing them with new, fluffy Egyptian cotton towels from The White Company instantly gave it a “posh hotel” vibe. Alongside that, I placed a Diptyque candle on the side of my bath and broke out the Diptyque hand wash along with some Aesops and Kiehl’s pamper products.
The ‘before’ photo (which is hidden in a folder on my computer now!…You don’t need to see how un-shiny the taps were!!) showed that the side of the bath was crammed with shampoo, conditioner, several tubs of hair masks, body scrubs, shower gels and bubble bath (and it was like that for quite some time) so it was nice to swipe all that off!
It makes bath-time more relaxing too. It might also have been nice to add flowers in there for a bit of colour but I don’t know, I quite like it how it is – minimal, tidy and white! Just got to try and keep it this way now!
Industry Secrets On How To Achieve A 5-Star Bathroom
Now to share some tips because…. well… who doesn’t want to re-create that luxury of a 5-star hotel for their own bathroom?! Here are some top tips that I followed to achieve those results (or as close as possible!)
– Create the illusion of space by ensuring there is no clutter. Tidy things in to bathroom cabinets and make sure towels are neatly folded. 
– Only have nice toiletries and cosmetics on show, clear everything in to storage.
– Only use plain, neutral coloured towels. Don’t use patterned or brightly coloured towel or bath mat. It actually makes a refreshing change!
how to remove limescale
– WOW you guests with gleaming taps and shower fixtures. This used to be my least favourite job in the world! But Viakal is a product that I recently discovered which makes things super easy. Viakal ensures that limescale and watermarks are completely removed. I didn’t know about this product until a few months ago and it’s not the most glamorous thing but it has become a household staple.
– Use scented candles of a room spray to create an inviting and relaxing ambiance. I am never short of candles but the ultimate candle has got to be Diptyque.
– Mirrors must have no smears. A quick tip is to drop a bit of vinegar in to water and this should get rid of the marks, leaving your mirror clean and absolutely spotless.
– Use hand wash instead of soap as the soap may become messy as the dissolve on the side of the sink.
How’s your bathroom looking at the moment? And what tips you would you add to the list?
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This is not a sponsored post.
However, I was provided with some lovely luxury items to motivate me in transforming my bathroom! Bloggers love a bit of Diptyque!…
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12 thoughts on “Home Tips & Tricks: Transforming My Bathroom

  1. After reading this post I seriously need to overhaul my bathroom decor. It's bland beyond belief. Funnily though it's almost exactly the same colour scheme as yours. Neutrals are my favourite. Great tips and advice :o) x

  2. Ooh I love how clean and fresh this looks! My bathroom is constantly covered in all my products and bright coloured towels, the minimalist look would make a nice change!
    sirensandbells.co.uk / facebook.com/sirensandbellsblog

  3. I'm about to move in to a new flat with an interesting coloured suite – think avocado and beige – so I'm desperate to get to work on it and make it feel a bit brighter. It doesn't help that there are no windows but I think I might invest in a daylight bulb for the room! I'd be pretty damn happy if my bathroom looked like yours x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  4. lmaooo my bathroom is just…ugh. I have a mishmash of primark towels too (mine is lime green) LOL. I love those White Company towels – I may have to treat myself one of these days!

  5. love this post & love your bathroom! My bathroom is in serious need of sprucing up but I just haven't had the time this summer… I'm definitely going to make it my mission in october/nov when i'm not as busy and i'm definitely bookmarking this post!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

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