Lidl facial cleansing brush, lidl cleansing brush

Beauty On A Budget: The Cleansing Brush That Cost £9.99!

Facial Cleansing Brush from Lidl* – RRP £9.99
(cleanser not included)
One of the most talked about beauty product for the past couple of years is the facial cleansing brush. With offerings from Clarisonic, and Clinique, skincare junkies are flocking right towards them in hope that this is the ~magic brush~ that will clear all their skin problems. And quite rightly so! 
The facial cleansing brush promises to deep cleanse, buff and polish leaving your skin beautiful, bright and radiant. There are various options on the market but none of them will beat this one in price…

Lidl facial cleansing brush, lidl cleansing brush
Lidl are set to launch their first facial cleansing brush on the 15th September and it only cost £9.99! (I know! Can you believe it!!!) I’m a bit funny when it comes to cheap skincare products, I’m just a little wary so when I first got the email through about Lidl’s cleansing brush, I umm’d and aah’d about it for a day or two. 

Do I trust it? Will it even work? Does it match up to the expensive ones? Does a cheap price tag equal cheap quality? 
So many question ran through my mind even before I had the physical product in my hands. There was only one way to answer these questions and that was to put it to the test.
lidl cleansing brush
Before I had even seen the brush in real life, I had it in my mind that the brushes would be harsh and bristly but when I finally opened the packaging, I was proven wrong! I was wrong to pre-judge because the it’s a really good piece of kit, the brushes are soft and it is generally an awesome product for those who don’t want to fork out £100 for one! When this arrived through the post, I couldn’t wait to try it!
For £9.99, you get three identical brushes which you can detach and replace after 4 months, an instruction leaflet and batteries are included too. All comes very neatly packaged in a cardboard box. The device itself is very simple, and it’s extremely easy to set up. 
The colour and the design of it is basic (let’s call it a “minimal” design) but it feels sturdy too, and it does what you need it to. Features include two speed settings and you can set the brush to rotate or oscillate. 
gel cleansers
Cleansers are not included in the package but apply your favourite gel cleanser onto damp skin, wet the brush with water before applying to your face and away you go! Treat each section of the skin for a maximum of 20 seconds, avoid the eye area, don’t press too hard and don’t over do it and you’re on your way to super clean and radiant skin.
The key is to use the right type of cleanser and be careful not to press the brush down on to your skin, let it dance and shimmy over your face. Don’t use a cream cleanser as shown in the second pic, I took the photos on the day the brush arrived and have since learnt that gel cleansers are more compatible. I recommend the Organic Surge face wash as it lathers up nicely and doesn’t contain SLS, parabens or nasty chemicals.
The first speed setting on the device is not strong enough for me, it’s quite weak but a great option for those with sensitive skin. For the price, you would expect the basics but the feature that I was most surprised about was the dual mode settings (rotate and oscillate). I suspect that the only catch is that it’s not waterproof (I may have missed it in the instruction leaflet, but I don’t see it any mention that it’s waterproof. Only to “Ensure that no water enter the hand held device”)
I thought I’d give you guys the heads up one week in advance because I reckon that if you’re considering buying one of these when it launches next week, you’re going to have to be quick because these types of products sell out in days – sometimes within hours once the word has got out. People go crazy for them!
Sanitas Facial Cleansing Brush is available from Lidl UK stores from 15th September (whilst stock lasts) and retails for £9.99.
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16 thoughts on “Beauty On A Budget: The Cleansing Brush That Cost £9.99!

  1. Oh this sounds amazing! I wanted to buy one of those Clarisonic brushes but yeah, they are a bit pricy so I haven't yet T^T
    Hopefully Lidl will also offer this brush in Germany as well 😮

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