My wardrobe used to be full of florals and Zooey-Deschanel style dresses but it gets quite boring after a while, doesn’t it? There comes a point when go shopping and everything just looks like something you’d already got. I want a change of direction in my style – nothing too drastic, I don’t want a complete make-over! – but I fancy small shift in my personal style, and this is where fashion bloggers come into play. When it comes to fashion blogs, I follow a total mix of people for lots of different reasons. Maybe I’m inspired by their writing, perhaps I like their blog layout or it could even be because their blog is a an insight as to how other person lives and that allows me to escape my boring life for a bit! One blog that has that effect is Rosie from The Londoner. However, these past couple of months, I have been drawn to a lot of style bloggers who has a totally different style to me so that I get some ideas and inspiration. 
I’ve loved putting this week’s #FollowFriday post together, because I decided to put more that one image per blog and that meant browsing through these bloggers style archive! I just found myself wanting this top, or this bag… dangerous! I basically just wanted to replace everything in my wardrobe! 
This draws an end to my #FollowFriday blog series but they might back sooner than you think! Let me know if you’ve enjoyed them! Anyway, here are my fashion blog recommendations for this week! 
Chloe Plumstead, Uk fashion blogger, The Little Plum Blog
Chloe’s blog is a new addition to my reading list but I’ve already taken inspiration from her style. I think we are a similar height so it’s nice to get some new outfit ideas from someone with a completely different style to me. Now I won’t shy away from tartan trousers and long coats! How cute is her blog name too? So cute!
Bang On Style blog, fashion blogger uk
Deborah from Bang On Style has the most amazing collection of clothes, in particular dresses! Her outfits are always so well put together and I love how she’s not afraid to wear vibrant colours like this yellow dress! Most of us aren’t brave enough to wear bright colours (I know I’ve been attached to monochrome for the best part of Summer) and Deborah shows us a way to incorporate them in a chic and stylish way. 

saraluxe blog, fashion blogger, british style blogger
I met Sara very briefly at a fashion event in London and was drawn to the fact that she’s from the north too. I’ve always wanted blonde hair and I really wish I could pull this grungey, edgy style off, so naturally, I want to swap lives with her, if only for the day! Oh, and she also has the dream job of being the stylist at Missguided. Everytime the TV advert for Missguided comes on the screen, I always think of Sara!

This lovely lady knows how to look effortlessly cool in black and white! Again, Tilly-Jayne is another blogger who’s style is different to mine but I still love visiting her blog. Her outfits always has the perfect balance between minimal and statement, pairing a print with a simple plain item or teaming it up with a bold bag or pair of chunky shoes.

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11 thoughts on “#FollowFriday #4: UK Fashion and Style Bloggers

  1. I've absolutely loved reading these posts, Sarah. I definitely don't need any more blogs on my reading list because I spend so many hours in front of the computer as it is but what can I say? I love them! Keep these posts coming 🙂

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