Pineapple And Coconut Candle from IW Natural Candle Co.*
£10.50 for a medium sized candle
I may have said in my previous candle blogpost that I wasn’t going to light any new candles until I’ve burnt out my current ones because the amount of candles I’ve got lined up in a row on my window sill is ridiculous. Sitting a couple of feet away from my window, I can see at least 11 candles from large jars, small jars, votives and tea lights. 
I don’t even light them all the time, maybe just once a week and when I’m having a really long bubble bath after a bad day! But I am such a hoarder when it comes to candles (and cute stationery), I seem to have accumulated a decent collection. I know what some of you are thinking… That it’s just a typical ~blogger~ thing, bloggers love their candles but I really do think it has gone past that point! They do make nice decorations for the home and creates a nice atmosphere, it’s just one of those things that cheers me up!

Choosing one candle from IW Natural Candle Company wasn’t going to be easy as there are sooo many lovely scents that I could imagine being lit in the lounge on a cosy night in. Did I want a fresh scented candle? Or a comforting one? Maybe a calming fragrance, or perhaps something fruity? In the end, I picked Pineapple & Coconut because I want to feeling of summer to linger on a bit longer. Even if it doesn’t look all that pleasant outside, it doesn’t harm to at least smell like I’m on a summer holiday! Something as simple as a smell can take you back to a place or a memory – that’s probably why I love candles! I haven’t been abroad for a while (and Dublin doesn’t count, especially as it was absolutely freezing when we were there) so this would explain my current obsession of all things tropical!
This Pineapple and Coconut candle is a punchy little thing and is everything you’d expect it to be even though it says on the website that there are a few hidden extras. I’m not sure what those “extras” are but the scent of pineapple and coconut really comes through, and it’s a nice balance of the two key scents. It’s tropical and fruity candle and when you smell it, you can almost picture yourself sitting by the pool, sipping on a cocktail and sizzling in the sunshine (with your factor 50 slapped all over your body, of course!). That sounds like my kinda candle (but who am I kidding? ANY candle is my kinda candle!) 
I have the medium sized candle which comes boxed, as does the large size, for an extra £2. All sizes come in a good quality glass jar. All of the candles on IW Natural Candle Co. are made of soy wax which burns cleaner with less soot than paraffin wax. Soy candles also burns more consistently meaning you get a steady delivery of the bespoke fragrance blends. 
Prices range from £5.50 to £15.50 which isn’t at all bad for a good quality candle. You can buy IW Natural Candles directly from their website and get 10% off the Pineapple And Coconut candle this month with code August10
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