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Organic Surge – Organic and Natural Bath & Body

Prices from £4.50
I have had a jolly good time pampering myself with these products lately! Not only during the evening but in the morning too! It sets me up for the day and having awesome beauty products makes me get out of bed quicker (along with a delicious breakfast smoothie!).
I’m not saying that I’ve become one of those people who’d happily pop out of bed at the first sound of the alarm (I am most definitely not one of those people!), I detest morning sooooo much but after taking a slow, sluggish walk to the bathroom, the sight of nice bath and body products wakes me up nicely. What shall I use today? I say to myself.
Organic Surge products are free from parabens, SLS, SLES, artificial or synthetic fragrance, colourants and propylene glycol, mineral oils or petrolatum. They also don’t test their products on animals. A big fat YAY to that!!! 
AND… (I know, there’s more!) All of their products are suitable for vegetarians, and all but one products is suitable for vegans. The only one that is not suitable for vegans is Extra Care Hot Cloth Cleanser which contains beeswax, but other than that, everything else in their range is suitable for vegans.

shower gels for dry skin, Organic surge products, organic surge review, natural and organic beauty products
Organic Surge Fresh Ocean Shower Gel* – £4.75
Organic Surge Super Fresh Awakening Body Wash* – £5.99
Both of these shower gels are great for a morning shower because they are fresh and energising. For the mornings, I like to use products that have a sharp, zingy, citrus-y scent to it, staying well away from “relaxing” fragrances like lavender (it makes me sooo sleepy) and these two shower gels from Organic Surge are just perfect.
The Super Fresh Awakening Body Wash is 99% natural and has been specifically formulated to provide an all day freshness, targeting odour and bacteria. It has quite a spicy fragrance, containing mandarin, may chang (which smells a bit like ginger) and bergamot essential oils.
The Fresh Ocean Shower Gel is my favourite out of the two, I highly recommend it! The organic lemon and lime is not only invigorating and refreshing, it also gently cleanses your skin, whilst the rosemary oil helps to tone and soothe any irritation. At 98.9% natural, this is a natural solution for dry and dull skin as it packed with intense moisturising ingredients. It smells very fresh and I love using this.
Both of these are gentle on skin and doesn’t strip it from it’s natural moisture. It’s quite a runny consistency so it’s hard to control the amount to dispense without pouring too much each time but the simple packaging cuts costs down – so I’m not complaining! 
Other shower gels in their range include Sugared Almonds (which sounds delish! I’ll be buying this one next), Citrus Mint, Lavender Meadow and Sweet Blossom.
Organic Surge
Organic Surge Tropical Bergamot Hand Wash* – £4.50
Organic Surge Sweet Blossom Body Cream* – £7.50
Hand wash is something that I buy from supermarkets when they are on offer so I do find it of a boring product to buy. It’s like “ugh, we’ve ran out of hand wash, put it on the shopping list”. I spend so much on beauty products, including hand lotion and cuticle oils but I skimp on hand wash by opting for those which are £1.50.
I don’t suffer from dry skin on my hands (probably because I dowse them in copious amounts of hand cream!) However, it got a little more interesting a couple of weeks ago when this Tropical Bergamot hand wash arrived, and I realised that it does make a difference from the cheap stuff I usually buy. With this being only £4.50, I can afford to repurchase this!
It has a mouthwatering scent, like a fruity cocktail with a herbal kick to it! The bergamot relaxes and calms skin condition, the sweet orange eliminates toxins and the aloe vera soothes and moisturises. If you have dry hands and cracked skin, it’s advisable to splash out a little extra on a quality product (or at least something with less artificial ingredients in) otherwise the chemicals in the cheap stuff will just make matters worse. 

Finally, the Sweet Blossom Body Cream! I’ve got a lot of body butters and lotions that are thick and heavy, so it’s nice to have something that’s quite light for a change especially in the mornings! £7.50 is not a bad price for a beauty product that is 99% natural! The 150ml tub is enriched with organic sweet orange, cedarwood essential oils, aloe vera, shea and cocoa butter.

The scent doesn’t resemble the key ingredients, the orange nor cedarwood doesn’t comes through very strongly, it’s extremely subtle. The combination of all the fragrances mix together makes it smell a bit like cherries – even though it doesn’t contain any cherries! This cream sinks in to skin without that film-like sensation that you sometimes get with body butters whilst you’re waiting for it to absorb. It’s really light and it smells lovely! Fits right in to my morning routine! 

So, if you are after natural and organic beauty products that doesn’t break the bank, give Organic Surge a try! Organic Surge products are available from Waitrose, The Co-Op, John Lewis, Whole Foods and selected large independent chemists and health food stores. They also ship worldwide.
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