Models Own Sweet Shop Collection
Sweet Shop Collection
Scented nail polishes from Models Own
£4.99 each
Scrumdiddlyumptious! You can always rely on Models Own to come up with a fun and unique idea! They are a lot more adventurous than their competitors which makes them my go-to brand for when I’m shopping for a new nail polish. The new scented collection from Models Own is inspired by the sweet shop, each one smelling like your favourite sweeties once dried! I’m all for candy shop themed beauty products, even more so if it’s nail related! I don’t think a girl can have too many nail polishes! 
The five new shades in The Sweet Shop Collection are: 
This is a barbie pink and is very girly. I don’t want to be predictable but I think Gumball might be my number one choice as I like gumball/bubblegum scented products. I also love the pink nail polishes and from the swatches I’ve seen, it comes out nice and bright. I do have far too many shades like this and need to go for something different, though!
Fizzy Cola Bottles
I am not in to nudes and brown nail polish shades because they make my hand look really old and ageing! It completely doesn’t go with my skin tone. Fizzy Cola Bottles is a light brown with tiny flecks of glitter in it and has a gold sheen to it’s finish. A nice option for those who don’t like to wear garish colours. Although I don’t go for brown nail polishes, I can totally appreciate how they’ve tried to match their product to the likeliness of the sweet itself.
Pear Drops
A glossy coral red with small silver shimmers in it. This is a great shade for those who likes their red polishes, and I can see people reaching for this one the most. You can’t go wrong with red, can you!?
Rhubarb And Custard
This is showing up a little pink on the image but I believe it is a deep red with larger bits of glitter on it. It’s funny because I don’t actually like rhubarb itself (I was put off by the rhubarb crumble in Primary School) but Rhubarb and Custard sweets are one of my favourite sweets, and I love the tart, fruity smell of rhubarb too. This nail polish is a bit different from the others as it has a jelly-like finish to it that makes it ultra glossy and give the effect it’s a bit squidgy too!
Liquorice Allsorts
After reading a few blog posts on this collection, I get the feeling that the Liquorice Allsorts is the one people like the least. I have to admit, I’m not a fan of liquorice myself in smell or taste, but I do love a black nail polish! Model’s Own Liquorice Allsorts is opaque and shiny.
The Sweet Shop collection is now available from the Models Own website priced £5.00 each.
Which sweetie are you going to pick?
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