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Having lived in England all my life, I’m not used to hot weather so I tend to struggle in intense heat and I’m always looking for products to help me to stay cool during Summer, especially if I’m on holiday! Ingredients like tea tree, mint, cucumber and aloe vera are absolutely ideal for keeping your skin feeling fresh, cool and energised. It has been a disappointing Summer in the UK so far in terms of the lack of sunshine we’re getting, but it’s still very hot and muggy so I guess I can’t complain! I’m all for prepping your skin so it’s bikini-ready, and using things that are cooling on the skin during warm days. 

This little bundle of beauty products from Arran Aromatics Feel Good Formula range will sure help you stay cool on hot days. We’ve got a Aloe Vera Energising Gel, Peppermint & Lavender Foot Rub, Mint & Coriander Skin Smoother Bar and a Green Tea Eye Gel. 
Aloe Vera Energising Gel – £8.50
I thought this was shower gel at first, but it’s a moisturising gel that you massage in to your skin. You can feel the fresh coolness straight away and it sure wakes up your skin! It is a smooth, silky gel that is great for tired bodies. It contains aloe vera extract and witch hazel with a subtle hint of floral fragrance. It absorbs quickly so need worries about the gel feeling sticky on your skin. It’s also hydrating and it makes you feels like you’ve just got out of the shower every time you use!
Peppermint and Lavender Foot Rub – £7.50
I love the colour of this, it’s a gorgeous pastel purple. I really like foot creams, they make your feet feel so amazingly smooth. During Summer, it’s nice to take extra care of your feet and tidy them up for sandal season! Nothing worse than a crusty foot (sorry if I’ve put you off your breakfast/lunch/dinner there). I like to take care of mine and this peppermint and lavender foot rub leaves them feeling soft. The lavender relaxes sore and tired feet, and the peppermint oil provides freshness.
Mint and Coriander Skin Smoother Soap Bar – £4.25
This is my second bar so far, I really like how many apricot seeds are in it. This item was part of my 5 Summer Beauty Essentials blogpost in May, so hop over to the link if you want to read the review on this. 
Green Tea Eye Gel – £3.50
Although this is not an eye gel that I would use in my daily skincare routine (I am loyal to HealGel Eye), this is something that has helped soothe my eyes on days when they feel really sore from hayfever. I like how this gel feels nice over my skin, and it is really refreshing, it’s almost as if it feels like you’ve got two cucumber slices over your eyes. I’m not sure about it reducing fine lines but it has reduced the puffiness around my eyes. A nice and affordable products to revive tired, sleepy eyes!
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