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D’Fluff / Mangnificent / Parsley Porridge / Zest – From LUSH*
If you’re looking for something different to shaving foams, then look no further! LUSH has brought out a strawberry scented shaving soap which leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft. When you open the lid, you’ll see a thick yet light fluffy marshmallowy paste in a pretty pink colour – it looks good enough to eat! Upon first impressions, it hasn’t got a typical strawberry scent, but when you use this, the fragrance becomes stronger and more strawberry-er! 🙂 It contains a blend of fresh strawberries, fair trade organic cocoa butter, coconut oil, golden syrup and organic egg whites. Girls, you can use this on legs and underarms and the boys can even use it on the faces. It is suitable for anyone! There’s a very funny customer review on the LUSH site, but I’ll let you look for it yourself when you fancy a giggle!
Mangnificent Soap £4.00 for 100g
These soaps are the best! Strong in fragrance, soft on your skin, what more could you want from a soap! Mangnificent (no, it isn’t a typo…) is the orange coloured soap and it is made from Mango and contains dried mangoes (YUM, I want to eat it!!) for it’s brightening properties. And also sicillian lemon oil for an uplifting and cleansing feeling and Neroli Oil for toning your skin. Again, it’s not an obvious mango scent but the tropical smell is definitely there.  
Parsley Porridge Wash Soap £4.00 for 100g
The green soap that you can see in the photo is called Parsley Porridge so it’s got a distinctive herbal kick to it, and it’s not usually a scent that I normally go for but it’s actually very fresh, and reminds me of freshly cut grass. It has so many good ingredients in it! Combined with parsley, thyme, tea tree, and aloe gel to make antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory soap, it also contains oatmeal to lightly exfoliate and smooth the skin.
Zest Hair Gelly £11.25 for 100g
This is another one that looks good enough to eat, it actually looks like jelly. Yum! It is a fun, bright yellow hair gel that smells like Sunny D! I thought it was lemons that I could smell but it’s definitely oranges because it says so on the packaging. Either way, it’s lovely and fresh! I’ve not used a hair gel in ages! The last time was probably when I did ballet as a child and had to have my hair up in a tight bun. We weren’t allowed to have a single strand of hair dangling in our faces so often used a lot of hair gel and hairspray to hold it in place. 
The Zest Hair Gelly is a medium to strong hold which is good for people with thick hair like myself. On days when I know I’m going to curl my hair, I apply a little bit of the hair gelly to my hair whilst it is still damp and it holds my curls in a lot better through out the day. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling wet or greasy, and it doesn’t go as cripsy as some of the cheap hair gels I’ve tried in the past. It brushes out really easily too. Of course, it feels sticky on your hands upon application but it doesn’t feel tacky on hair. It’s nice to have something like this to make my hair more manageable, I can’t count the times I’ve finished a hair style only to find those pesky short bits sticking out! 
Do you fancy giving any of these products a try?

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23 thoughts on “Haul: New Product From LUSH

  1. I was looking around the Lush website a couple of days ago, as I wanted to purchase D'Fluff and I came across that review! It had me in tears, seeing as I have never seen such a genuine review like that before :')

    I am trying out D'Fluff today and I can't get over the smell, it's so moreish! I have yet to try a few things from Lush, as there's a lot to try out but the soaps have caught my eye.

    A Daily Desire x

  2. I've been dying to try the strawberry d'fluff shaving soap! My legs are always so dry, especially after shaving – so after spotting this over on Becky's blog, I knew it would be perfect – definitely need to pick it up soon.

    Emma x | Reverie Lane

  3. I can't wait for my next trip to Lush, I have such a huge shopping list right now and I've just added all of these to it too.

  4. Ohhh the soaps look lovely (specially the shaving one…wird I know.)
    I really need to visit Lush one of these days!
    Take care*

  5. I got the shaving soap last week and love it. I haven't used a hair gel in years and years, but I am quite intrigues by that one. x

  6. HAHA! That website review on the strawberry shaving foam is hilarious! I've seen this reviewed before and I'd love to try it… not for the same reason as the review on the website tho!

  7. You have picked up a lovely range to try out <3 i really like the sound of the strawberry shaving foam ^^ sounds way better than the normal shaving foams you get in supermarkets/drugstores.

  8. You have picked up a lovely range to try out <3 i really like the sound of the strawberry shaving foam ^^ sounds way better than the normal shaving foams you get in supermarkets/drugstores.

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