Primark Summer collection 2014
All stocked in Primark nationwide
There are lots of florals, tribal and fruit prints in Primark at the moment, and if you’re in to any one of those stylish trends this Summer, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Primark is the perfect go-to high street retailer when it comes to holiday and festival shopping, it’s nice to enjoy a care-free holiday (or event) without worrying too much about your clothes and how sweaty or dirty they get! There’s a lot of things that I want from Primark at the moment. For the past year, every time I’ve been in, I either come out with one item or nothing. It has been a very long time since I’ve done a haul so I feel like the next time I pop in, I could be tempted to buy enough to warrant a “haul”. I especially love the floral denim playsuit, the silver shoes, and pineapple bikini set! 
I’ve never actually bought swimwear from Primark before, so can’t comment on the quality of them but it would be so embarrassing if the halterneck ties fall off mid-holiday or the stitches come away from the fabric. I’m sure it isn’t as feeble as that, surely! But anyway, that only gives me the perfect excuse to buy a couple of more bikinis!
I hope the slideshow above works for everyone, it’s another fancy widget I’m using at the moment but i never 100% trust it to work on blogger (there’s always the odd technical hiccup here or there!) Have a little look through the gallery at my current favourite Primark picks at the moment (the prices are on the left hand side of the image), and of course, as always, let me know if you’ve spotted anything nice in Primark and I’ll make a beeline for it next time I’m shopping!
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18 thoughts on “What’s In Store: PRIMARK Summer 2014

  1. I actually bought those fruit printed culottes yesterday! They're so comfy and look so cool even with just a simple white t-shirt. I plan on living in them at every opportunity this summer 🙂

  2. I work in primark so I'm constantly looking at all the pretty new clothes. I have a few bikinis from primark and they are still going strong a few years later. I love the aztec £5 playsuit and the croc print plimsoles, despite the fact that primark shoes don't fit me well at all.
    There's a lovely daisy print bandeau bikini in at the minute and its only £4 for the set. And some lovely kimonos too

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