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“There’s really nothing quite like an…Orangeasm”
Available from Boots
Oh, those cheeky ladies at Soap&Glory sure know how to name a product! The brand new Orangeasm collection consists of three products; body wash, body butter and super tonic fragrance spray. I love eating oranges but have never been keen on that lingering smell on your hands after peeling one, so I’ve often stayed away from orange-scented beauty products because of this reason.
However, the new products from Soap&Glory doesn’t possess such a potent aroma. I know that the branding of this collection makes your brain think of oranges immediately and if you like your pamper products to smells very citrusy then you may be in for a little disappointment. 
It’s not as tart as Sugar Crush but if the strong zingy sourness is not your thing, then you’ll LOVE Orangeasm which carries sweet, creamy orange scent combined with hints of other delicious zesty fruits. A softer scent than Sugar Crush, Orangeasm main notes are fresh green mandarin, sicilian lemon and sweet orange peel oils so it is still as fresh and invigorating on your skin. 

Body Wash, £6.50
At £6.50 RRP for 500ml, it’s easy to see why these body washes are so popular! It’s an absolute bargain and it will last for months and months!
The formula of Orangeasm Body Wash is fresh, revitalising and moisturising. It contains Triple Tea antioxidant complex, ginseng and pinkpepperberry for it’s skin smoothing and moisture boosting properties. Being asian, ginseng is something I’m really familiar as it’s often used in Chinese medicines and with Panax Ginseng Root extract in it, it gives is somewhat a herbal, asian twist to the smell. 
It’s not an overpowering scent, in fact it’s nice, but probably not what you’d normally expect from a Soap&Glory body wash. Ginseng is root plant that is bitter in taste but it’s used as a temporary relief for fatigue so I’m guessing that having ginseng in the body wash wakes up your skin. 
Soap&Glory ORANGEASM body butter, soap and glory body butter
Another popular type of product that Soap&Glory is known for, the big tubs of body butters are my favourite (along with the body scrubs) and they lasts for months. This super rich body butter contains cocoa butter, mangomilk and I don’t know if you can see if from my photo but it also contains shea butter massage balls so that’s what the tiny orange dots are in the tub. They burst as you massage it in to your skin. This smells fresher than the body wash because it doesn’t contain ginseng, and there’s no mistaking that there’s orange and mandarins in there. The butter absorbs quick and is non-greasy, and smells delicious!
Soap&Glory ORANGEASM super tonic fragrance review
This is my favourite out of the three, I absolutely love it! The packaging and the bottle design is very plain but I like it just the way it is! As I mentioned at the beginning, I usually stay away from orange scented products, especially body sprays. I tried one from Boots Natural Collection but it was so overpowering, it was like a hundred oranges had been squashed in my room! 
The Orangeasm Super Tonic Fragrance is light, and refreshing and it contains cool mint which feels lovely and fresh on your skin. Even though it is a fragrance spray, the tonic isn’t made to last like an eau de toilette or eau de parfum would, so the smell of the super tonic does wear off quite easily – but this reflects in the price point. It only cost £10.00 for a 100ml glass bottle which is a bargain for a fragrance spray (or expensive for a body spray, if you’re thinking about it in that way).
Because it’s not an overpowering fragrance, I use it like a body spray by spritzing it all over when I get out of the shower or bath, and I’ve been taking it around in my handbag to freshen up and cool down my skin on hot, stuffy days. The mint in the spray cools you down and it has been my favourite product to use this past week! It also makes a lovely alternative on those summery humid days when an strong smelling perfume can make you feel extremely dizzy and nauseas! 
Have you tried Orangeasm yet? What’s your all time favourite product from Soap&Glory?
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28 thoughts on “Soap&Glory ORANGEASM™ | Review

  1. I really wish that soap&glory could be either be available here or ship to other countries in europe because this collection looks so amazing!! Seriously <3

    Take care**

  2. I have really sensitive skin, but I can get away with certain Soap & Glory products, the scrubs are my favourite! I love orange scented and flavoured things, so this sounds right up my street! The Super Tonic Fragrance sounds like something I'd love to try, the cooling mint does sound great for hot weather. I'll investigate next time I'm in Boots 🙂 xxx

  3. oh, how i love soap&glory. i think sugar crush will always be my favourite, but these look so lovely! happy to hear they aren't too citrusy, might have to try them in the future:-) xx

  4. I love, love, love Soap & Glory products. I used their face wash for ages. This stuff looks so awesome. I wish they would've extended this collection to a face wash or scrub too! Oh well. Great review, so helpful.


  5. I had no idea S&G had a new range out. I'm a huge fan of the Original Pink scent, and Frutigo has grown on me, but I've never quite understood the hype surrounding the Sugar Crush scent. I'm definitely going to give these a smell next time I'm in Boots. I like the sound of the Shea Butter Massage Balls. Its so difficult to pick my ultimate S&G product but my current favourite is the Breakfast Scrub- the smell is heavenly and it leaves your skin so, so soft.

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