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In one of my first outfit posts in 2011, I had my hair up in milkmaid plaits but haven’t really worn it this style ever since. I don’t know why because it’s sooo quicker than curling it and a lot easier than putting it in a topknot! I’m not sure you need a tutorial from me on how to do milkmaid plaits as there are loads on YouTube tutorials, but you basically plait them on both sides and pin it up with kirby grips! So quick and easy! If you hair is quite choppy and layered like mine, it’s best to plait it whilst it’s still a bit damp so that you catch all the hairs without it spiking out of the braids. Alternatively, use styling mousse or hair gel, that should do the job of taming it!
I thought the silly sunnies would suit my funky hair do but after coming home and looking at the photos, I’ve decided that these round-shaped sunglasses do not suit me! I’ve already worn them and it’s too late to return to ASOS but I’m really not sure I’ll wear them again, to be honest so I think I’ll be selling them on depop soon! My depop username is….you’ve guessed it… @tempsec! Have a look and see what you think! I’m not sure I like it, as I’ve not had much luck on there yet. It’s good if you’ve got a massive following on there, but otherwise it’s a bit of a waste of time. I like the idea of Depop but I think eBay is better in terms of selling.
I’ve been loving these longer days we’re having! I can get my work done until 6pm and still have enough light to go outside to get outfit photos taken! Why can’t it be like this all year round! x
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32 thoughts on “Florals and Milkmaid Braid

  1. I have two things to say to you missy!

    First of all, I love that hairstyle and the fact that it looks so complicated when it really isn't. I have mastered it recently and it only requires a couple of bobby pins now. I like it when it looks a bit messy though (I feel I have no choice with all my layers etc, nothing can stay in there perfectly anymore!). You really rock it there!

    Also I love love love that bag. I have a similar bright yellow one but without the handle–I like how your handle flattens the top out though. Do you find that it's hard for you to keep it clean?? I feel like I'm really paranoid over mine all the time because the colour is so light.


  2. You always look so gorgeous in your outfit posts, honestly I love your style so much! I have to agree with you on depop (I find plenty more bargains on eBay I think) but will be going on there now for a browse, although I have to disagree with you about the glasses – I think they do suit you well haha! x

  3. Your hair style is so pretty *__* I also really like the sun glasses <3

    The florar dress is so pretty, I'm afraid that it wouldn't look good on me TwT
    Take care, have a nice day! <3

  4. Ah I like the sunglasses and reckon you pull them off really well! I just went back and had a cheeky stalk of your earlier outfit post too – SO much better than my first attempt!


  5. I actually think those glasses are cute and pull this whole look together! I was surprised to read on to see you don't like them… Great colours in this outfit and the braids are perfect. I keep thinking I'll try this style again soon – it's one I haven't worn for years either, but you're right, so easy and looks like you've out way more effort in than you have!

  6. How on earth do you get it looking so neat though? I know if I plaited my hair in two lots at the bottom then folded it over my head there would be weird bumps at the bottom – I suck with all things hair, and this looks so pretty!


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