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Love Me Beauty, £10 per month (plus P&P)
June 2014 Edition
This Love Me Beauty box for June arrived yesterday and unlike the other beauty boxes that are available, I already knew what was going to be inside the parcel. If you read my previous Love Me Beauty box post from May, you will already know that there are three menu’s to choose from each month so you can pick what you’d like to receive. This eliminates the element of surprise and also saves you money because if you don’t like the look of any of the boxes, you can choose to skip it.
The June 2014 edition of Love Me Beauty was more beauty related than last month’s lifestyle theme box. There are five samples and they are: Beauty UK eyeshadow collection palette (full size), NYX nail polish (full size), Urban Veda purifying day cream (sample size), Model Co lipgloss (full size) and a Montagne Jeunesse Fabric Masque (full size). I picked this particular box because it had the eyeshadow in, and also a pink shade of nail polish. I didn’t like the shades that were in the other two options.
The eyeshadow palette is travel-sized so I’ll reserve this for when I go on trips and holidays. It has five matte shades and five metallic shades, all in the colours that I would usually use. The lipgloss is really pretty too, a little pale than what I normally go for but I will still use it. It smells like candy floss which is really nice! I looove the NYX nail polish too and can’t wait to try it out. NYX is a brand that I first heard about on beauty blogs so I’m excited to see if it lives up to the hype!
The last two products are skincare ones and you guys know how much I love these types of samples! The little sample sized tube of Urban Veda purifying day cream is a nice matte-finish face cream. Great for those who have oil-prone skin. However, I’m a little scared of using the Montagne Jeunesse face mask because the last time I used one, my skin tingled and I didn’t like it! My skin didn’t agree with it so I ended up wiping it off after a minute. I used to buy A LOT of Montagne Jeunesse products when I was a teenager, I especially recommend the minty foot cooler that leave your skin feeling so fresh, it’s my favourite! This Brazilian mud fabric masque won’t go to waste though, I’ll let Niki try it whilst he’s sat there watching the footy, ha!
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9 thoughts on “Love Me Beauty | June 2014

  1. I've never heard of this box before, I like the idea behind it as I hate it when I get ripped off by rubbish items in boxes!

    I would have probably gone for this too, just for the palette!

    Corinne x

  2. I've always wanted to try these boxes out, and I never knew they had so many from food to beauty! Looks like some good products 🙂

  3. I have been tempted into buying this box but I really don't know. I committed to birch box and glossy box but both left me disappointed most of the time!

  4. Nice review! I got this box but a much paler, pearlescent pink polish – I think the colour you got is much prettier! I wasn't overly impressed by this month's box though (although I love the lip gloss) as it didn't introduce me to any new or particularly niche brands so I think I'll be cancelling for now 🙁

    Helen x

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